Watermelon Fragrance Oil - Even The Seed Edition


 Take a juicy adventure that's going to tickle your senses and add a splash of summertime delight to your creations!

A Symphony of Refreshment:

Imagina the sun kissing your skin, and a burst of freshly sliced watermelon hits your senses. The top notes are like a sunny greeting, setting the stage for what's to come.

A Midsummer's Dream:

As the fragrance unfolds, it's like a journey through a tropical oasis. Kiwi, honeydew melon, and a touch of sea salt come together to create a melody of tangy and exotic scents. It's the harmonious dance of summer flavours!

A Culmination of Bliss:

The journey ends with a lingering essence of watermelon and citrus, leaving you refreshed and invigorated. It's like a cool breeze that carries the joy of a summer day wherever you go.

A Summertime Fantasy:

With every inhalation, you're capturing the essence of summer itself. The fragrance is a portal to a sunny paradise, where you indulge in ripe watermelon slices under a clear blue sky.


Store this fragrance oil in a cool, dark place, avoiding direct sunlight, to maintain its pristine quality.

Expertly Crafted and Certified: 

Our fragrance oil adheres to the standards set by the International Fragrance Association (IFRA), ensuring that you're using a high-quality product with accurate usage recommendations. For more details about this fragrance oil, refer to the attached certificate.


Usage and Suitability:

Candle Crafting:

Candle Safe: Absolutely! This fragrance oil is suitable for candles, and we suggest that you use it at a maximum level of 8-10% to achieve a delightful watermelon-scented ambiance.

Soap and Bath Products:

Yes, it's soap and bath product safe. You can incorporate this fragrance oil at a level of 2-4% to infuse your products with the inviting watermelon aroma.

Underarm and Personal Care Products:

Absolutely, it's underarm safe. While the IFRA standard suggests a maximum of 2%, our recommended usage is 1% to ensure a gentle yet pleasant fragrance.

Diffusers and Room Sprays:

Yes, this fragrance oil is diffuser safe. For diffusers, you can use it at a maximum level of 25% to envelop your space in the delightful scent.

  • For room sprays, we suggest a maximum usage of 1%.

Lotions, Creams, and More:

  • Baby Lotion / Cream: Yes, it's suitable for baby lotions and creams. While the IFRA standard allows up to 9%, we recommend a maximum of 1% to ensure gentleness for delicate skin.

  • Body Cream / Lotion: You can use this fragrance oil at a maximum level of 1-2.5% to create luxurious body creams and lotions.

  • Hand Cream: For hand creams, the recommended maximum usage is 1-2.5%.

Avoiding Certain Applications:

This fragrance oil is not suitable for mouth products, eye-safe applications, or lip-safe applications.

Additional Considerations:

Makeup Removers: Suitable for makeup removers at a recommended maximum usage of 0.5-1%.

Baby Wipes: Safe for baby wipes at a maximum level of 1%.

Shampoo & Conditioner: Suitable for hair products with a recommended maximum usage of 1-1.5%.

Flammability and Discolouration:

  • Flashpoint: The fragrance oil has a flashpoint above 100°C.

  • Discolouration: While this fragrance oil does not contain vanillin, it does contain ethyl vanillin, which can potentially discolour bath, body products, soaps, and candles. It's advised to conduct small batch tests to assess any potential discolouration.

Testing and Caution:

    • When incorporating fragrance oils into your creations, it's wise to start with small batches and conduct tests to determine the optimal scent strength and any potential reactions.

    • Vanillin and ethyl vanillin, while contributing to a fragrance's aroma, can cause discolouration. Test your products to gauge any discolouration effects.

  • Safety Notes: do not apply undiluted directly to the skin. Not for internal consumption. Keep out of reach of children and pets.
Fragrance oil usage is a creative and scientific endeavour. Following these guidelines will help you achieve the best results and craft products that delight the senses while adhering to safety standards. Happy crafting!





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