Shipping FAQ

Your Package’s Grand Odyssey: 

When your order embarks on its journey, we’ll share the tracking info via email. Check in on its adventures anytime by clicking the link. A small note: our trusted carrier, Australia Post, sometimes takes a catnap before updating their data.

Going Fast and Furious: 

Ever dreamt of your package on a speedboat with the wind in its hair? That's express shipping for you! It means Australia Post sends your parcel via their Express service, not that you're cutting in line at the packing counter.

Free Shipping: 

Spent more than $250 ex GST? We reward your lavishness with free shipping! Spend less? Let the Australia Post calculator decide your fate.

Ready, Set, Ship!

We're in the grand race against time. Usually, it's a 24-48 hour maximum dash. But during our "OMG, SO BUSY" times, you might have to wait slightly longer, but we'll move as fast as we can.

Weekend Vacays & Shipping: 

Like you, we love our weekends! So if you order post-lunch on Friday, your beloved package gets a mini-break before hitting the road.

The Mysterious Timings of Australia Post:

Even Australia Post can't resist the allure of surprises. Here's a sneak peek of their standard delivery timelines:
Melbourne to Sydney: 1-3 days 
Perth: 1-5 days 
Regional and rural areas: 2-10 days 

Fast Payment = Fast Farewell: 

Paying with a credit card? Your package gets the green light ASAP. 

Want to Leave a Note?

Slide us specific shipping instructions in the box at checkout. 

Signature Ballet: 

If you miss the courier, you get an "I was here" note.

Lonely Parcels: 

Gave permission at checkout for your parcel to sunbathe alone outside? We can't be its babysitter post-delivery - whatever happens after that is on you.

Address Bloopers: 

Address mess-ups are like spilled milk – crying won't help. If your parcel is returned to us, Australia Post will charge us and then we'll have to charge you again for its return trip to you.

Shipping Insurance: 

Afraid of package boo-boos? Shield it with shipping insurance at 3% of the total. 

Parcel Pickups?

Nope: We're playing hard to get with pickups at the moment.

The Vanishing Parcel: 

Package playing hide and seek? Consult Australia Post’s detectives first.

Shipping Abroad?

Hold on. Right now, we're just enjoying our Australian soirée.