Shop FAQ


Thinking of joining our elite ranks but lack an ABN? Worry not! We're not some exclusive club that requires secret codes. Just throw us an email address and watch as the gates to our digital kingdom swing open for you.


There are no minimum order sizes. But notice how the prices slide with quantity. Think of it as our way of giving a cheeky wink to bulk buyers. And remember that Australia Post, still demands its pound of flesh (or dollars) with a minimum shipping fee. 

Payment Options?

The race against time begins with your chosen payment method.

  • Credit Card: Visa and Mastercard - the fastest ways to pay. We won't even charge you the extra % for the pleasure of their service.
  • PayPal: Drop that invoice number and let the 2.9% surcharge fade away. We've got it covered, because we're just swell like that. Delivery time? Maybe pour yourself a drink first.
  • Direct Deposit: Delight in the classic charm of banking past, though patience is a virtue – those transfers might need a few sunrises to appear in our account.
  • Phone Payment: A nostalgic nod to ye olde times. The magic of telecommunication is not sadly on offer.
  • Afterpay: We ensure that their surcharge disappears into the void.

Physical Store?

Hunting for our brick-and-mortar fortress? Sorry to burst your bubble, but our realm is purely digital, with all its pixelated charm. Our delivery service is, however, at the ready.

Forgot an item?

Sadly, our system wasn’t raised with the "forgive and forget" philosophy. Cancel within 20 minutes of ordering and new order, it is!

Globe-trotting Ambitions?

Conquer the world? Nah, we're happy with just Australia for now.

Free Samples?

No, sorry, we're not a bakery.


Consult our all-knowing calculator oracle at checkout. Weight + postcode = your shipping fate. 


The moment you part with your gold (or card details), our order confirmation awaits. Your tracking email narrates your order's journey.

Office Hours?

We emerge from our slumber from 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday. Reach us via messenger and email during these hours.


Your precious order is protected by the finest reused material in the land.