Accessibility Policy

Ready to dive into the ocean of creativity with us? The invitation is extended to everyone! We're not exclusive, we're inclusive, and we're here to make sure everyone can join the party.

So, let's talk Accessibility. We're not about slapping it on as an afterthought. We firmly believe that everyone deserves a front-row seat to the spectacle of life, without any ropes or barriers trying to keep them out. Our mission? Well, it's not just about breaking down barriers; it's about smashing them to smithereens! We're creating a vibe where everyone isn't just tolerated; they're celebrated.

And when it comes to public workshops, we're keeping it real, always accessible. We also note accessibility considerations for private workshop options. We've also got a hotlist of wheelchair-accessible venues if you’re planning to arrange a private event.

Got friends rolling in with NDIS support? No sweat. Caregivers get fee free access.

Hearing assistance? Our team is all about trying our best to incorporate demonstration, and we've had Auslan translators attending at our events.

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Now, we know we're not perfect. We're a small business. But we're open to suggestions. Got an idea to make things even better? Spill it!

Your journey into creativity is about to get a whole lot more inclusive and ridiculously fun. See you there!