Blaze & Foam is on the lookout for superstar Workshop Hosts like you to join our dynamic team! 

Calling All Creatives: Workshop Hosts Wanted!

Are you ready to bring the magic to life? Blaze & Foam is all about crafting unforgettable experiences, and we're searching for Casual Workshop Hosts to dazzle customers in the Melbourne and Mornington Peninsula areas.

Your Mission

Imagine being the main attraction, wowing participants with exceptional service and leading workshops like a pro. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to ensure everything's prepped and ready for action. Supplies? Check. Event setup? Check. Sparkling atmosphere? Double check!

But that's not all – you're not just a host, you're the guide through the creative journey. With your passion and precision, you'll lead participants to craft their masterpieces. And after the creative frenzy, you'll work your magic with retail duties, processing transactions like a pro.

Cleanliness Crusader & Organization Wizard

Your adventures don't end there. In between events, you'll ensure everything's spick and span, keeping things neat and tidy. Think of it as your own cleanliness and organization quest!

The Ideal Potion for You

So, what's brewing in the ideal Workshop Host? First, you're a group presentation whiz and a fragrance aficionado. You're as dependable as a loyal sidekick, and weekends are just another opportunity for you to shine. Based around Melbourne or the Mornington Peninsula? Check. And guess what? Travel's in the cards – because you're the traveling workshop superstar!

Got energy to spare? A natural talent for public speaking? Perfect! You're a social chameleon, connecting with participants from all walks of life. And when it comes to emotional intelligence, you're a pro, spreading positivity and delivering top-tier customer service.

Got a driver's license, your own wheels, and the muscles to lift around 5 kg? You're ready to roll! And if you're familiar with candle making or soap making, that's a bonus, but don't worry if you're new to the craft.

Perks & Adventure Awaits

But what's in it for you? Brace yourself for comprehensive training and the chance to grow with a blooming company. Sweet perks like competitive pay and that all-important staff discount? Oh yeah, they've got those covered too. Plus, you'll be part of a supportive environment that nurtures your growth.

Ready to Embark?

If you're ready to embark on this thrilling workshop adventure and join the Blaze & Foam story, send over your CV and cover letter to And don't forget to put "Job Application" in the subject line.

So, are you ready to dive in?