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Let's be real – wicks don't know how to behave, and that's where our Wick Accessories come in! They're the unsung heroes in the candle-making saga. Wick holders? Think of them as the personal bodyguards of your candles, keeping those wicks straighter than a ruler. Stickums? They're the stealthy ninjas of the wick world, sneaking in to make sure your wicks are exactly where they should be. And centering devices? Oh, they're the top-secret spies of candle crafting, making sure your candles burn as smoothly as a zen master in deep meditation. No more lopsided flames here – it's all about that perfect, Instagram-worthy burn!


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Wood Wick Centering Bars Sale priceFrom $3.00 AUD
Wick Stickums
Wick Stickums Sale priceFrom $5.90 AUD
Metal Candle Wick Holders Sale priceFrom $9.00 AUD