Liquid Soap Bases


Skip the Soap Opera – Dive into Sudsy Bliss Instantly! Tired of soap-making sagas that feel like they'll never end? Meet our liquid soap bases, the instant soap superhero you've been waiting for! No more endless stirring or waiting around – just add your personal touch and let the soap magic begin! Feel like being a soap artist with a signature scent? Go ahead, add some fragrant pizzazz. Craving a splash of colour? Drop it in and watch your soap come to life! From therapeutic essential oils to soothing botanicals, it's your sudsy playground! And guess what? These bases come with a conscience – they're vegan and palm oil-free.


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Stephenson 105 Liquid Castile Hand Soap Base  (Unscented)Stephenson 105 Liquid Castile Hand Soap Base  (Unscented)