What is the most accurate method to measure my fragrance oil?

You will need digital scales. Tare the scale to zero after placing an empty container on it so you are not including the weight of your container.


What are top, middle and base notes?

  • Top note is the first impression, upon opening the fragrance oil bottle lid. 
  • Middle Note is the heart of the fragrance. When burning a candle, the middle notes are the most distinct.
  • Base Note is the scent that lingers after a candle has been extinguished.


How much fragrance oil should I add to my products?

We explore this issue here.

In the case of candles, this will depend on the type of wax you have selected. However, loading is usually 8% and maximum loading is generally no more than 10%. This means 10% per kilogram of wax. If you're making a 310 gram candle, add 310g x 10% in fragrance oil. Most importantly, refer to wax manufacturers instructions on fragrance loading. Adding too much fragrance can result in candle performance issues.

How do I store my fragrance oils?

Please take care when opening fragrance bottles, in case temperature has built up pressure, and open the lid away from the direction of your face. 

Store fragrance with lids closed in a dark, cool place, away from direct sunlight and heat.


Fragrance oils can discolour surfaces and plastic containers. Store your bottles in a cupboard or box to protect them from light. Keep them away from children and pets, and do not ingest them.

Are fragrance oils safe during pregnancy ?

Studies on fragrance safety during pregnancy is inconclusive. Our fragrances do not contain phthalates or parabens.

What does the fragrance flashpoint mean?

Please see fragrance guide

When does fragrance oil expire?

Shelf life of fragrance oil is approximately about one year. However, this is dependant of the temperature in which they were stored, exposure to air and light. The raw materials used to make up each individual fragrance is another determining factor. The more natural ingredients, the quicker it will expire. If you are unsure, test the fragrance is a small batch. 

Why are the fragrance oils all listed at different prices?

Some raw materials that go into fragrance oils are more expensive than others. 


Why are fragrance oils different colours?

Raw materials have variances in colour. This may also differ batch to batch.


Can I use fragrance oils in an oil burner?

It is best to create soy wax melts for oil burners rather than using them in their concentrated form. This process enables them to be diluted.


What is an IFRA Certificate?

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What are pthalates in fragrance oil?

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What is vanillin / Ethyl vanillin in fragrance oils?

Vanillin contributes to the scent of vanilla in fragrance oils.  It is an organic crystal that forms on the outside of the vanilla bean.  Ethyl Vanillin is a chemical, man made substance which is similar in structure to Vanillin. 

Fragrance oils containing either Vanillin or Ethyl Vanillin will oxidize faster than those that don't contain this ingredient. Oxidation results in fragrance oils darkening in colour over time.  

If your candles or soaps contain dye, this is of little consequence. However, if you specifically want your products light looking, this can be an issue. Once you've sent your products out to wholesale customers, for example, a product may change colour as it sits on shelves. It is purely an aesthetic issue, and does not affect your scent throw or your product performance.

In cold weather, you might notice that fragrance oils which contain high levels of vanillin can cause crystals. To re-integrate the separated vanillin crystals,  simply pop your sealed bottle in warm water. This phenomenon does not ruin the ultimate integrity of the fragrance and is easily resolved.