About Us

Ever felt a tug in your soul, an itch to birth something splendid, a little flicker waiting to become a blaze? We've taken it upon ourselves to become the lighthouse for all of Australia with candle supplies and soap making supplies on offer. 

And our marvels aren't just confined to products! Imagine partaking in candle making and soap making workshops, right in the throbbing heart of Melbourne or on the Mornington Peninsula. Envision yourself creating, surrounded by laughter, at bachelorette parties or corporate soirées. That's right; we're not just merchants – we're maestros of memorable moments.

 At our core, we're all about joyfully crafting with a conscience. Vegan? Yes, indeed. No palm oil or phthalates, only pure passion. Our grand vision? To strum the chords of your heart. Our song is one of passion and artistry, and our mission? To ignite the creative cosmos within you.