Returns Policy

Having Second Thoughts? 

Ah, the age-old dance of buyer's remorse with a hint of "Why did I buy this again?" We get it. Even the greatest love stories have their rocky moments.

The 10-Day Countdown: 

You've got a tight 10-day window to decide if that item is your new BFF or just a temporary fling, and to contact us with your answer. Yep, it’s like speed dating, but with products.

Starting the Dance: 

Got an itch to return? Just ping us at, show off that order number, and spill the tea on why you're making the return. Got a faulty product? Snap a pic and send it our way! Our fab team will huddle up and get back to you with the next sassy steps in 3 business days. 

Now, before you toss your return into the postal runway, wait for our nod of approval! We'll email you an authorisation form to pop in with your package. Once we get your return, we'll check to make sure it’s still in its Sunday best. Heads up, if it's already been opened it will not make the cut. Cross your fingers and if all's glam, await that store credit or refund to waltz back in about 14 days!

Return Address? 

Send those authorized items to Blaze & Foam. Our heartbreak hotel is located at P.O Box 129 Mount Eliza, 3930, Victoria, Australis. Our dedicated team, armed with magnifying glasses, will scrutinize your returns for any foul play.

Rewards for Your Sorrow: 

Once we've dried our tears from seeing our items come back, you might get store credit or a refund. Just remember, patience is a virtue, and refunds don't sprout overnight!

Oh, Those Sneaky Fees: 

Shipping fees - they're on you unless our product decided to act up (faulty). And for the change of heart returns? That 20% restocking fee is the price you pay for our broken heart (and restocking time).

Sorry, Some Items Just Can’t Handle Goodbyes: 

Digital goodies, sale items, fragrance oils, wax, wicks, and liquid dyes aren't up for the whole return drama. It’s not them; it’s hygiene and quality standards, you know? 

Nature's Quirky Wonders: 

If your natural product looks a tad bit off, don’t cry foul (or faulty). Mother Nature's a diva! Tiny variations in hue or size don’t mean the product flubbed its lines. It’s just being, well, natural.

Handle with Care!

Just like how one protects their fragile heart, take out your own shipping insurance before sending your items back. It saves tears and money.

Cold Feet with Orders? 

Decided to abandon your order? Quick! You've got 20 minutes to cancel sans drama by sending your regrets to If it's already en route, you'll foot the bill for its return trip and a touch of restocking razzmatazz.

Hide & Seek: 

If some items decided to play hide and seek, tell us within 10 days. We'll turn into Sherlock to solve the mystery.

Store Credit: 

It doesn’t earn interest and can’t be turned into cash, but hey, you can use it to buy something else. It's good for a whole year! 

Want to Swap?

Exchanges are so last season! Just buy again, darling. 

Queries? Heartbreaks? Regrets?

Reach out. We're here, tissues in hand, ready to help.

Happy shopping... or returning, whichever suits your fancy! 


Got more queries or need a helping hand?

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