Vanilla Bean Fragrance Oil - Madagascar Edition


Brace yourself for a scent symphony that's pure nostalgia, wrapped in classic vanilla goodness. 

Top Notes: A creamy entrance with coconut cream, setting the stage for the aromatic journey.

Middle Notes: Here comes the star – Tahitian vanilla and vanilla orchid waltzing in, giving you that unmistakable vanilla hug.

Base Notes: A grounding finale with sandalwood and benzoin, like the closing chords of a sentimental melody.

Fragrance Assurance:

  • Quality Assured: Phthalate-free and premium-grade – no shortcuts on the fragrance journey.
  • Kind & Cruelty-Free: Vegan and not tested on our furry friends. 
  • Standards Matter: Compliant with IFRA standards – because we believe in fragrant responsibility.

Storage 101:

  • Cool & Dark: Keep it in its happy place – a cool, dark spot. 

Application Playbook:

  • Candles: Ready for the spotlight – recommended percentage is 8-10%. IFRA says up to 100% of your fragrance world.
  • Soaps & Baths: Dive in up to 25% – luxurious bubbles await!
  • Underarm Adventures: 1% max – no need to OD on vanilla goodness.
  • Diffusers & Room Sprays: Up to 25% – let the fragrance dance through your space.
  • Lotions & Creams: Keep it suave – 1-2.5% for that vanilla touch.
  • Makeup Removers: 0.5-1% – even removing makeup becomes a fragrant treat.
  • Baby Wipes: A gentle 1% – let the little ones enjoy the scent too.
  • Shampoo & Conditioner: A soothing 1-1.5% for a fragrant hair affair.

Safety Dance:

  • Vanilla Wisdom: Be aware, vanillin & ethyl vanillin can add a little colour to your soaps and such. Small batches for the win!

Final Notes:

  • Skin Relations: Dilution is key – avoid direct undiluted contact.
  • Inside ≠ Outside: No sipping or applying internally.
  • Guardians of Safety: Keep out of reach of kids and pets – they're curious creatures!

And last but not least, the disclaimer, because we're all about transparency. 


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