Salted Caramel Fragrance - Sticky Fingers Edition


This delectable phthalate free concoction is all about a buttery caramel delight with a hint of salt. 

Scent Symphony:

Top notes of butterscotch and coconut set the stage for this delicious journey. Picture yourself diving into a pool of salted caramel and candied almonds as the middle notes envelop you. And the finale? A base of maple syrup, vanilla, and tonka bean, leaving you in a dreamy caramel haze.

Dye Dreams:

For a visual treat, consider the creamy and brown dyes. They'll complement the caramel theme perfectly, making your creations look as irresistible as they smell.

Handle with Care:

Remember, this caramel symphony is best stored in a cool, dark place away from direct sunlight. And hey, the bottles are filled by weight, so don't be surprised if the levels vary a bit. It's all part of the aromatic adventure!

The IFRA Scoop:

Let's talk usage!

For candles, you've got the green light to go up to 100%. But to keep things cozy, 8-10% is our suggested range.

For soap and bath products, aim for 2-4%, with a maximum of 25%.

Underarm wonders can handle up to 2%, but 1% is the max for that sweet scent. Diffusers can go up to 25%, while room sprays can bask in 1% of this aromatic delight. Baby lotions and creams can handle 9%, but 1% is your go-to. Body creams/lotions? Aim for 1-2%, and hand creams can dance in 1-2.5% of caramel goodness. As for mouth products, it's a no-go. But hey, makeup removers can embrace 10%, with a dash of 0.5-1%. Even baby wipes can have a taste of caramel magic at 4.5%, capped at 1%. Shampoo and conditioner? A sweet spot of 1-1.5%. But eyes and lips? Nah, they're not feeling the caramel vibe. And oh, flashpoint is <100°C – handle with care!

Vanilla Love:

Vanillin and ethyl vanillin are joining the caramel party, but they can be a bit moody and might change the colour of your creations. So, test, test, test in small batches!

Safety Dance:

While we're all about indulging in caramel goodness, remember, this scent isn't meant to be applied directly to your skin, ingested, or given to kiddos and pets. Keep that caramel magic out of their reach!

So, whether you're crafting candles, whipping up lotions, or just daydreaming about caramel, this scent is your golden ticket.



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