HTP 93 - 150mm Long (20mm x 6mm Tab)


AND NOW, In the spotlight: HTP 93!


Floating in at 150mm. Perfect for that candle limbo!

Burn Diameter:

A dazzling 47mm! Not too small, not too large, just HTP 93 perfect. More at our wick chart. 

Tab Size:

A statuesque 20mm x 3.8mm x 2.4mm. AND... a special guest appearance by its smaller sibling - a 15 x 3mm tab

CDN Equivalent:

Starring as CDN7! (Is there an Oscar for wicks? This one deserves it!)

Origin Story:

Born and raised in the fabulous U.S.A by the world-renowned Atkins & Pearce.

Personality Traits:

Upright with a rigid posture, self-trims like a champ, and braided to face those bad-boy additives. It's like the candle wick version of a superhero!

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