HTP 93 - 150mm long (15mm x 3mm Tab)


 The Star's Name: HTP93. A close cousin of HTP 83, but with its own spunky personality. It's like they're from the same fabulous family of luminous agents! 

Long Legs Alert: A whopping 150mm in length! That's right, it's leggy and proud!

Burn Diameter Drama: It's flaunting a burn diameter of 47mm. But wait, there's a plot twist! That's just a guide. For the full tea, one should peek at the wick guide

Two Tab Tango: The standard tab size is a dainty 15mm x 3.8mm x 2.4mm. But wait, what's this? A special guest appearance by the 20 x 6mm tab! Two sizes? It's the wick equivalent of having both heels and flats in your wardrobe. 

Pop Star Persona: If we're matching wicks to pop culture, then CDN 7 would be HTP93's alter ego.

Features & Flares: HTP93, like its cousin, is all about that rigid posture (like a royal guard, but without the furry hat). Those high-performance fibres and constructed braid make it a candle's BFF. It's got that "I can handle any additives you throw at me" attitude. Go HTP93!

Perfect Match: This superstar is totally digging Soy Wax. It's like a rom-com where Soy Wax and HTP93 meet, sparks fly, and they live glowingly ever after! But remember, candle chemistry can be complex, so always test in small batches to make sure the love story is truly epic.


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