Wick Chart

Candle making is an art and a science, and choosing the right wick is like finding the perfect rhythm for your scented symphony.

Before you dive in, keep in mind that the wick charts provided are like your treasure map, but the ultimate quest is yours to undertake.

Here's a quick rundown to keep you on the right path:

What's the deal with wick thickness and types? 

It's like finding the right wand for your magic spell! Wick thickness matters and it influences the flame size and burn diameter.

The charts break down two different series of wick: CDN and HTP wicks by thickness and type. Smaller wicks like CDN 3 or HTP 13 are ideal for little tea lights. Bigger wicks, like CDN 30 or it’s equivalent HTP XL-100, are your dragon flames for larger containers. And remember, flame size affects the burn diameter!

How do I choose the right wick length? 

Think of it as the wick's stage presence! The length matters for different candle sizes. Tealights groove with 27mm wicks, larger cups sway with 33mm wicks, while tin and glassware need 150mm wicks. Pillar candles? They're in the spotlight with 300mm wicks.

What about wick tabs? 

They're like the wick's best friends – they keep things steady and safe. Wick tabs come in different sizes. You've got the 20mm x 6mm champs and the 15mm x 3.8mm crew. Tabs secure the wick to the base, and when the flame gets too close to the bottom, they're like the fire extinguishers, preventing glass breakage. 

How do I read the wick chart? 

It's like reading musical notes for your candle composition! The chart matches burn diameters with suitable wick types. For example, if your candle vessels diameter is around 39-40mm, HTP62 or CDN4 are your go-to wicks. It's like a wick matchmaking game!

What if I'm not sure? 

Trial and error is your best friend here. Grab a small pack of wicks (around 25) and do some testing. Different fragrances, dyes, and waxes always play a part in the wick's dance. Take lots of notes, burn a few candles, and see which wick takes center stage.

Why do fragrance, dye, and wax matter? 

It's like the ingredients in your favourite recipe! They all influence the wick's performance. Some fragrances might need a larger or smaller wick, and different dyes and waxes can change things up too. It's your own candle-making alchemy!

Remember, you're the candle-making maestro, and the charts are your musical notes. While they're your starting point, your creative journey will lead you to wick perfection. 

Our FAQ on wicks can be found here.


Type & Thickness


How to decipher the wick names?

Let's break down the secret language of wicks and dive into the fantastic world of burn diameters, flame sizes, and tab magic. Get ready for a wick-tastic adventure!

  • You're navigating the wick wonderland, and every wick type is like a character with its own personality. Imagine CDN Stabilo 28 – so CDN is the wick family, and that 28? That's the thickness that's going to dance with the burn diameter. It's like wick compatibility matchmaking for your container size.
  • Now, check out the numbers: Wicks are like a countdown from small to grand, with CDN 3 being the tiniest in the CDN family. And don't forget HTP 13 – it's the littlest in the HTP gang. These wicks? They're your mini flame wizards, perfect for those darling tea light candles that make cozy corners glow.
  • If you're thinking big, say hello to the heavyweight champs like CDN-30 and HTP XL-100. These wicks aren't messing around – they're all about large containers. Flame size? It's like the conductor of the burn diameter symphony, making sure the flame fits the container dance floor.
  • Wicks come in all lengths, from 27mm for those adorable tea lights to 150mm for tins and glassware. Pillar candles? They're strutting their stuff with the 300mm wicks, ready to light up your life.

So, there you have it – a crash course in wick language! From burn diameters to tab sizes, you're now equipped with the wick wisdom to light up your candle-making journey. Get ready to play with flames, dance with diameters, and craft candles that are as dazzling as they are safe.  

Wick Chart

Let's dive into this wick wonderland and decode the burn diameters and wick choices that'll have you crafting candles like a maestro. This means youre going to take a ruler and measure the diameter of your vessel.

Burn Diameter 31mm: HTP13 takes the stage here. And the CDN wicks? No equivalent options here. They're just enjoying the view from the sidelines.

Burn Diameter 33mm: HTP31 steps up for its shining moment. The CDN wicks? No involvement. They're on a coffee break.

Burn Diameter 36mm: HTP41 enters with flair, ready to light up that candle. And who's there to match the dance? CDN3, the life of the party.

Burn Diameter 38mm: HTP52 struts its stuff, but CDN wicks are taking a rain check.

Burn Diameter 39-40mm: It's time for HTP62 to show off its flame dance. And CDN4? Yes, it’s joining the party too to set the mood.

Burn Diameter 42mm: HTP72 takes the spotlight, while CDN5 is also its dance partner, creating a wick symphony.

Burn Diameter 43-44mm: HTP72 makes an appearance here, and CDN wicks? No. They're catching the next train to Candleville.

Burn Diameter 45-46mm: HTP83 is here, ready to impress. CDN6 also joins the spotlight, creating a candle masterpiece.

Burn Diameter 47mm - 49mm: HTP93 steps up with confidence. And who's joining the burn? CDN7, is ready to shine too.

Burn Diameter 49-52mm: HTP104 takes the lead in this wick tango. CDN8, the perfect partner, is right there with it too.

Burn Diameter 52mm: HTP decides to sit this one out, leaving the stage to CDN10 wicks.

Burn Diameter 55mm: HTP you're missing the wick party! CDN12 wicks are rocking the stage solo.

Burn Diameter 56mm: HTP105 sweeps in with style, while CDN14 is taking a chill pill.

Burn Diameter 59mm: CDN16 must've gotten lost on the way to the candle fest. But HTP105's got it covered.

Burn Diameter 63mm: HTP did you forget your dance shoes? CDN18 wicks are stealing the spotlight.

Burn Diameter 66mm: HTP126 is strutting its stuff, leaving CDN to watch from the sidelines.

Burn Diameter 68mm: HTP136 takes the stage solo – no CDN wicks in sight.

Burn Diameter 71mm: HTP1212 is here to shine, while CDN takes a breather.

Burn Diameter 73mm: CDN22, is heating things up. HTP is nowhere to be seen. 

Burn Diameter 75mm: CDN24 is setting the scene while HTP seems to be missing the memo.

Burn Diameter 78mm: CDN26, is burning bright while HTP wicks are being n vacation.

Burn Diameter 80mm: HTP1312 struts its stuff, while CDN28 steps down the runway too.

Burn Diameter 82mm: HTPXL100 takes the lead, while CDN30 is in on the act too.

Burn Diameter 83mm: CDN wicks are taking a break, leaving the stage to HTP wicks.

Burn Diameter 86mm: CDN wicks seem to have lost their way, while HTP wicks are stealing the limelight.

Burn Diameter 87mm: CDN wicks are nowhere to be found, leaving the stage to HTP wicks.

Burn Diameter 98mm: CDN wicks must've taken a detour, but HTP wicks are rocking the show.


Burn Diameter  HTP WICK CDN WICK
31mm HTP13  N/A
33mm HTP31 N/A
36mm HTP41  CDN3
38mm HTP52 N/A
39-40mm HTP62  CDN4
42mm HTP72 CDN5
43-44mm HTP72 N/A
45-46mm HTP83  CDN6
47- 49mm HTP93  CDN7
49-52mm HTP104  CDN8
52mm N/A CDN10
55mm N/A CDN12
56mm HTP105 CDN14