Choosing a Wick

If you're wondering what wick to choose, please refer to the chart below. This is intended a guide only. The top chart is based upon the results of own testing, and the second chart has been provided by Atkins & Pearce.

You will need to do your own testing, since variables such as chosen fragrance, dye, and wax will give you different results. Individual fragrances, for example, may require a smaller or larger wick depending on strength. We cannot be held responsible for issues with the candles you make based upon the chart below.

It is important that you keep notes during the wick testing process, and burn up to 3-5 candles to select the ideal wick. Purchasing a wick sampler pack is ideal for this purpose, prior to committing to larger size packs.  Should you make any changes in the future, for example add a new fragrance, a new testing session is required.

More information on wicks can be found here.


Type & Thickness

Please refer to the image above.

CDN and the number next to it 28 - This refers to the type of wick and the thickness which will influence the burn diameter.

Wicks are numbered in the below chart in order from the lowest to the highest.

CDN 3 is the smallest wick in the CDN range and HTP 13 is the smallest in the HTP range, so they both have a small flame. Therefore you would only use these wicks for the small products like tea light candles.

In contrast, the CDN-30 and the HTP XL-100 has the largest flame and so would only be used for large containers. How big aor small a flame is will influence the burn diameter.

When browsing the wick listings, the length of the wick is indicated in milimeters. A wick with a length of 27mm would only be suitable for tealight candles.

A 33mm length wick would be suitable for larger tealight cups.

Wicks that have a length of 150mm are suitable for tins and glassware.

The 300mm length wicks are suitable for pillar candles. 


Wick Tabs

If the wick is pre-tabbed, then the metal tab size is indicated next in the listing. In the above image you will see the Tab size is 20 x 6mm.

The function of the tab is to secure the wick to the base of the container. It also acts to stop the flame once it reaches towards the bottom of the vessel, so that heat does not travel to the base. This reduces the chance of the glass breaking from heat.

We stock 20mm (diameter) x 6mm (height) tabs and 15mm (diameter) x 3.8mm (height) tabs.


Wick Chart

Burn Diameter  HTP WICK CDN WICK
31mm HTP13 - 3.3 cm N/A
33mm HTP31 - 3.5cm N/A
36mm HTP41  CDN3
38mm HTP52 N/A
39-40mm HTP62 4.1cm CDN4
42mm HTP72 CDN5
43-44mm HTP72 N/A
45-46mm HTP83  CDN6
47mm - 49mm HTP93  CDN7
49-52mm HTP104  CDN8
52mm N/A CDN10
55mm N/A CDN12
56mm HTP105 CDN14
59mm N/A CDN16
63mm N/A CDN18
66mm HTP126 6cm N/A
68mm HTP136 CDN20
71mm HTP1212 N/A
73mm N/A CDN22
75mm N/A CDN24
78mm N/A CDN26
80mm HTP1312 5.5cm CDN28
82mm HTPXL100 CDN30
83mm N/A N/A
86mm N/A N/A
87mm N/A N/A
98mm N/A N/A