Blueberry Cheesecake Fragrance Oil - Sinful Edition

Dive into a pool of blueberry-laden cheesecake goodness. It's like someone teleported you to dessert paradise.

The Scent-Sational Journey:

First, the overture - blueberries and strawberries playing their delightful tunes.
Then comes the heart of this scent symphony with buttery notes and sweet, sweet peach.
And the grand finale? A dreamy swirl of vanilla and crumbly biscuit bits. Oh la la!

Crafting Guidelines:

  • Candles: 8-10% 
  • Soaps and Bubble Baths: 2-4% 
  • Underarm goodies: 1% (talk about a delicate touch!) 
  • Diffusers: Up to a whopping 25% 
  • Room sprays: A gentle 1% (like a whisper of dessert in the air) 
  • Got personal care in mind? This scent has got you covered! But remember, it’s not a fan of things like mouth products, makeup removers, or baby wipes.

Crafty Caveats:

This fragrance has some diva molecules (Vanillin and Ethyl Vanillin) that might throw a tinted tantrum and cause some discolouration.

Always remember - don't let it party directly on your skin without a dilution. And as always, no fragrance snacks for kids or furry friends. 

Before you whisk away into your crafty domain, take a sec to check out the Disclaimer.


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