1 Million Type Fragrance Oil - Gold Edition


Be swept away on a phthalate free fragrance journey fit for a king. Picture this: you're wearing a tailored suit, standing in a dimly lit, luxurious lounge, a glass of aged whiskey in your hand – that's the vibe of this fragrance! 

Top Notes:

Imagine zesty grapefruit, fresh mint, and the crispness of mandarin dancing together. It's like the confident opening chords of a smooth jazz track, setting the stage for the adventure ahead.

Middle Notes:

Now, things start to get intriguing. The warmth of nutmeg, the intrigue of clove, and the spice of cinnamon step in. It's like the heart of a thrilling story, where secrets are revealed and emotions intensify.

Base Notes:

As the night deepens, you're left with the lingering allure of patchouli and the richness of amber. It's like the satisfying conclusion of an epic tale, leaving a lasting impression that's impossible to forget.


These fragrances are the crème de la crème – concentrated, top-grade, and cruelty-free. They're like the gourmet chocolate of the fragrance world – a treat for the senses, minus the guilt.

They play by the rules, complying with IFRA standards. It's like having a fragrance that's both rebellious and respectful.

storage: keep it cool, keep it dark.

If you just want to feel like a million bucks while lounging at home, this fragrance is your secret weapon. Time to unleash the aromatic elegance! 


Safety and usage:

Candle Safe: Oh yes, you can light up those candles. You've got a green light to go up to 100%. Burn, baby, burn! We recommend no more than 8-10%

Soap & Bath Products: Suds and bubbles? You're good to go up to 25%. We recommend 2.5% maximum. That's like adding a touch of luxury to every wash. Sudsy sophistication, anyone? 

Underarm Safe: Deodorant time! You've got the green signal for up to 2%, but hey, why not stick to 1% max? Freshness with a dash of caution, just how we like it.

Diffuser Delights: Fill the air with enchanting scents! The diffuser dance can go up to 25% max. That's like inviting the fragrance to join your home's symphony.

Room Spray: Spritz away, but keep it at 1% max. It's like giving your room a quick, fragrant refresh.

Baby Lotion/Cream: Baby-smooth skin vibes, coming right up! You've got up to 9%, but sticking to 1% max is the way to go. Safety first, mini humans!

Body Cream/Lotion: Embrace the silky goodness with up to 26.5%, but playing it cool at 1-2% max is just as charming.

Hand Cream: Keep those hands pampered with up to 15%, but hey, 1-2.5% max sounds like a gentler caress.

Makeup Removers: Wipe away the day with up to 10%, and 0.5-1% max is like a soothing touch for your skin.

Baby Wipes: Keep those little bums happy with up to 4.5%, and 1% max is the caring route to take.

Shampoo & Conditioner: Lather up that hair love with up to 12.5%, but 1-1.5% max is like giving your locks a fragrant spa day.

Eye Safe: No, this fragrance is not for the eyes. So, no peek-a-boo for the peepers!

Lip Safe: Your lips are precious, and this fragrance is not meant for them. Keep the pout safe and scent-free!

Flashpoint: The temperature at which this fragrance gets all fiery and excited? To be advised.

Vanillin & Ethyl Vanillin: Yes, they're part of the mix, but beware, they might add a touch of colour to your creations. Small batches are your testing playground!

And the safety notes? Don't play "directly on skin" roulette, don't even think about tasting it, and keep it away from the curious paws and tiny hands. Safety first, always!

You've got all your fragrance bases covered. So go forth, create, and smell divine while doing it! 



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