Workshop FAQ

What's the vibe?

A warm welcome awaits! Step into a space that's bursting with friendliness. Blaze & Foam aims to create an environment where your creative spirit can run wild while feeling right at home.

What's the magic minimum workshop number? 

All public workshops need a minimum of ten enthusiasts to get the party started.  For private workshops, please check the listing.

Where exactly does the magic happen?

Get ready for creative magic at one of our partner venues on Melbourne's Mornington Peninsula - we have lots of options to suit. Or if Melbourne is your domain, Blaze & Foam can set up shop there in our partner venues too in many suburbs. And for all the virtual wanderers, we've got virtual workshops that might tickle your fancy. 

How long are the workshops?

Time flies when your crafting! Workshop durations vary, so remember to check the class description you've booked. Get ready to immerse yourself in creativity for a good while. Most classes clock in between 60 and 90 minutes, giving you ample time to explore your creative side.

Are you workshop products quality assured?

Rest easy – all the products we use are aligned with our ethical standards and high quality. Everything's vegan, palm oil-free, and phthalate-free. Our fragrance oils are FDA-approved and skin-friendly.

Do I need to book ahead?

Due to limited space, booking ahead is crucial. For public workshops, walk-ins might be a no-go, so secure your spot in advance. If you're bringing a friend who's not booked in, give us a heads up – we're happy to chat about options. For private workshops, if you need to add more folks last-minute, let us know. Once numbers are confirmed, they cannot be decreased.

How do I make a reservation?

For private workshops, seal the deal by tossing in a 50% deposit for a squad of ten. Your chosen date and time will be locked in, and the countdown to your artsy shenanigans begins. As for our public workshops, it's a one-shot deal – full payment upfront at the time of booking. Let the artistry commence!

What should I wear? 

Dress to impress.. your craft. No need to doll up for the occasion – comfort is key. Closed-toe footwear is recommended. Aprons are up for grabs for the day if you're all about keeping your clothes spick and span. 

Are BYO sips and snacks allowed?

Yes. You're welcome to bring your own snacks and drinks to all workshops to keep those creative juices flowing. A fully-equipped kitchen with a fridge is at your disposal. But while food and drinks are welcome, going overboard with the booze or causing a ruckus isn't part of the deal. You will be responsible for handling and serving your own food. And if you're at a public workshop, be mindful of allergies.

Can I bring my own glass containers?

No. When it comes to containers for candle making, we've got you covered. We provide containers specifically designed for candle making, ensuring safety and quality. 

What ages can attend?

For our public workshops, participants need to be 18 plus. This way, everyone can dive in and soak up the experience to the fullest. For private workshops, any age is welcome, so long as they are fully monitored by an adult in your party and have their own purchased ticket.

What if I don't like what I made?

Our workshops are more of a whimsical adventure than a precision drill. So your creation takes a detour from perfection. Well, guess what? Our workshops aren't the uptight perfectionist club. They're more like a chaotic carnival where quirks and character steal the spotlight. So, if your masterpiece has a mind of its own, consider it part of the wild, unpredictable fun!

Do you offer any overtime play?

If you're booked a private workshop and are having a blast, you might want to extend the fun. It's all good – with a little heads-up. Just let us know beforehand, and we'll try to help you keep the creative vibes going longer for an extra fee if the venue is flexible. On the other hand, public workshops finish on the dot as we may have other workshops to set up for or keeping a tight venue schedule.

How do I transport my new creation? 

Your newly minted candles need a bit of time to set – around 1-2 hours. If you're in a 90-minute class, we'll give you a cardboard tray for the semi-set candles to travel home with you on the same day. Or bring your own box. If that doesn't work, shipping is also on the table for a small fee. Soaps will be ready to transport by the end of the workshop and bagged up for easy transit.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We're flexible with payments – cash, credit cards, debit cards, and PayPal are all welcome. 

What if I have a change of plans?

Need to reschedule? For public workshops, give us a shout at least 7 days before your workshop. While we can't offer refunds, we're happy to help you reschedule or issue a credit note for 12 months but only if you give 7 days notice. For private workshops we require 21 days.

Can I arrive fashionably late?

Life happens. We can accommodate latecomers up to 15 minutes into the class at public classes. Just note that we won't be checking messages or calls once the workshop starts. For private workshops, we have booked certain times at the venue so start and finish on time. If you arrive late, your workshop time will be reduced.

Can I bring my own fragrances?

We've got a phthalate free scent library ready to explore. Don't bring your own scents – Blaze & Foam's got that fully covered. We use only IFRA-endorsed fragrances designed for candles and soaps in our workshops.

Do you accept NDIS workshop bookings?

Yes. Please see this link with all the information for NDIS funded private and public workshop bookings. We are not a Registered NDIS Provider. 

Are the venues wheelchair friendly?

The public workshop venues are always on the ground floor. Some bathrooms might not be as accessible, but we're all ears when it comes to making things accessible, so please check with us. Our listings always specify accessibility arrangements. For private workshops we will discuss your access requirements prior to confirming a venue.

How do virtual workshops work?

Having access to a stove with a pot and water, a microwave, or an electric heating element is a must. You'll get a Zoom link sent to your inbox. No need to have a Zoom account, but it's a good idea to have the Zoom app downloaded ahead of time. Click on that Zoom link around 5 minutes before the workshop. You'll enter a virtual waiting room. Once you're in, hit the video button at the bottom of your screen. You've got the choice to mute or unmute your microphone (it's next to the video button). Want to join the chat? The text box at the bottom is your place to shine.  

How do I keep the crafting party going post-workshop?

Stay in the crafting groove after your public workshop. Simply pre-order your craft supplies and pick them up at the event. Add the code WORKSHOPPICKUP at checkout to void shipping and leave a note in the comments section about what date and location you are attending. Sometimes, we bring random additional supplies with a merchant facility but that is not guaranteed.

What are your terms and conditions?

Familiarize yourself with our terms and conditions for private workshops and our terms and conditions for public workshops. By purchasing this workshop, you agree to these terms.


So, there you have it – Blaze & Foam's private workshops are your ticket to creativity, enjoyment, and memories that'll last a lifetime! Get ready to dive in and create something truly remarkable.