Terms And Conditions For Private / Corporate / Hens Blaze & Foam Workshops

If you're signing up for any private service, including in-person workshop, class, experience or online event with Blaze & Foam, here's the whole 'terms and conditions' tango. 

These along with the details in your Booking Confirmation, lay the groundwork for the contract dance between you and Blaze & Foam. We suggest giving them a good glance before hitting that "book now" button. Remember, these terms apply whether you peruse them or not, extending to embrace every member of your group partaking in the workshop and event.


  • Ready to book? A non refundable AU$600 (ex GST) deposit will secure your date and time. 
  • If you decide to vocalize your booking details over the phone, we'll assume you've given a virtual nod to the conditions in these fine-printed Terms and Conditions.
  • Wrangle your group and provide them with a copy of these Ts & Cs. As the group host / organiser who made the booking on behalf of the group this is your responsibility. 
  • Settle the balance before the final payment date or risk missing out on the workshop fun. With no exceptions, full payment must be received before the event kicks off. If full payment doesn't make it to us by the due date, your booking risks being cancelled. Any deposit fees paid are our compensation for the booking and planning to date.
  • Be the money maestro for your group – make sure all those payable monies are collected, whether it's cash on arrival or a swift transfer. We don't want to chase down your group for payments individually.
  • An additional security deposit may be required, depending on what venue you have selected.
  • If you wish to arrive earlier than your booking time, you may do so if we are there setting up your event. 
  • Group size matters – Our events need a minimum headcount of ten, and your package cost stays the same even if your crew shrinks. Once that final balance is paid and we have confirmed your final group size in writing, your group size is locked in. Adding more participants later is subject to availability.
  • Check the website for the latest scoop because we reserve the right to shuffle the events, facilities, or prices before you seal the deal with us.
  • Blaze & Foam hires venues for workshops and as such, cannot guarantee a certain venue for your event. 

Medical & Liability

  • If you or a member of your group have any disability that requires special arrangements, an allergy or are pregnant, you must advise in writing to Blaze & Foam at the time of booking. Neglecting to do so might mean some participants may miss out on activities as a result of factors such as stairs, doorways or essential oils. 
  • You acknowledge that in the event that an allergic reaction occurs from any material you are exposed to, Blaze & Foam will be held harmless.


(a) 21 days or less before the event = kiss your money goodbye.

(b) 21 days or more before the event = a credit note will be issued so you can reschedule to a different time. The credit note expires after 12 months.

(c) No refunds under any circumstances

Attendance Conditions

  • You can BYO alcoholic drinks to Blaze & Foam events, however you must follow the State and Federal liquor laws.  We're not liable for accidents caused by booze or illegal substances. Blaze & Foam sometimes provides a glass of sparkling wine per participant.  Blaze & Foam may ask any participant for ID. If the participant is found to be underage, they will be asked to leave and no refund issued.
  • Food - Bring it. It is your responsibility to serve it and dispose of any remaining food. You also need to be aware of your own groups dietary requirements and possible allergies.
  • No smoking is permitted at any Blaze & Foam events.
  • Be early or miss the boat! We start on the dot. Late by 20 minutes? We book the venue for your confirmed booking time. No refunds or reschedules for fashionably late entries. The venue may be booked for another event afterwards or we might have another booking to go to. On the slim off chance that we can negotiate additional time with the venue, you will be billed with our merchant facility for the extra at the event. In the event that you are late or prevented from attending as a result of travel arrangements or delays, we will not provide a refund or delay the workshop start time.

  • If you don't tell us otherwise, we'll assume everyone in your group is over 18. Age checks may happen if alcohol is served, so keep those IDs close. With prior notice, kids count at private workshops and need a ticket, but keep your own adult around to babysit them. 


Behaviour Code:

  • Keep it classy – no rowdiness or cheeky behaviour. Safety's key, and if you're out of line, you will be asked to leave.
  • Blaze & Foam might decide that you are threat to another person's safety in which case we reserve the right to ask you to sit out the workshop with no refund issued.
  • Dress appropriately – no singlets, vests, shorts, or bare feet. Third Party venue suppliers have standards, and you need meet them if you want to join Blaze & Foam events.

Blaze & Foam's Rights:

  • If unforeseen circumstances out of our control force us to cancel an event, we won't be held responsible. In addition, we will not be liable for your travel costs or accommodation. If we cancel, you'll get a credit note valid for 12 months. 
  • We reserve the right to charge extra if the requested location is in an area we don't cover.


  • We make every effort to create a safe and secure environment. You understand and acknowledge that there may be inherent risks, dangers, and hazards in partaking in a Blaze & Foam workshop that can result in injuries and accidents.
  • Blaze & Foam and its employees accept no liability for any personal injury or damages suffered related to the event. You release, waive, discharge, hold harmless, defend and indemnify Blaze & Foam and its managers and employees from any and all claims, actions, or losses for bodily injury, property damage, wrongful death, or otherwise, which may arise from voluntary participation in any workshops or classes, resulting products from workshops or classes, or from use of equipment provided Blaze & Foam. You accept full liability for participating minors.
  • Any damages caused by the neglect or reckless actions by members of your group at the venue are on your tab. From broken furniture to wax spills – it's your responsibility to pay for.

Photo Ops:

We might snap pics or film during events – showing up means that you accept that we will using those for our promo magic. 

Imperfect Perfection:

Your new creation might have some character – it's all part of the fun. 


Our workshop materials are protected by copyright.

Online Workshops:

Attendees are responsible for ensuring they have the correct set up (Zoom) to participate. Blaze & Foam will not be held responsible for technical aspects such as internet disruption or the inability to view a live workshop. In which case, Blaze & Foam will provide recordings for later access. No refunds will be provided.

Amendments to Terms and Conditions:

We might change up these terms now and then, just a heads-up. 


Your rights under this document are all the rights as provided by law.

 Entire Agreement:

These terms are the alpha and omega, the whole enchilada. Forget the past negotiations; this agreement reigns supreme over all prior understandings.

Got Questions? Email us at info@blazeandfoam.com.au 


Now that we've got all the formalities out of the way, who's ready to create, learn, and have an absolute blast with Blaze & Foam?