NDIS Workshops FAQ

If you're looking to make the most of your Social And Community Participation funding, you're in for a treat. Our beginner-friendly candle making and soap making workshops are ready to embrace you with open arms! Our activities are all about crafting more than just pretty candles and soaps – they're about weaving a sense of community and engagement that'll warm your heart.

No matter if you're joining us from the comfort of your own space online or immersing yourself in the serene beauty of the Mornington Peninsula or the lively vibes of Melbourne, we've got you covered with all the materials you need.

Give us a shout via email at info@blazeandfoam.com.au to lock in your spot in our classes. We are not Registered NDIS Providers. If you're managing your NDIS funding yourself, remember to include your NDIS number and the category. We'll email an invoice to you or directly to your plan manger. Learn more at NDIS FAQ and view our accessibility policy.

The CoHealth Chinese New Year Candle Making Case Study is a glimpse into how our creative experiences are like glue that bonds communities together in celebration!

So, get ready to relax, connect, and create memories. We can't wait to dive into the world of creativity with you! 


NDIS Know-How: The Rundown 

Blaze & Foam is all about NDIS workshops, but here's the deal: we're not registered NDIS providers. That means we can issue you with an invoice if you're managing your own NDIS or getting a helping hand from a plan manager.

Crew Quota: Minimum Group Size

Got a private NDIS group ready to dive into the creative goodness? Well, for group bookings, you need at least ten folks to get the party started.

Flying Solo or In a Duo: Individual Attendees

If you're a lone wolf or rolling with a sidekick – you're welcome to join the public workshops. Just follow the same booking dance we describe below but see the public bookings link.

Location, Location, Location

Mornington Peninsula, – that's where the public workshop magic happens! And if you're keen on a private NDIS workshop held in Melbourne drop us a line (or you prefer to get artsy from the comfort of your own space). We've got virtual workshops up their sleeve.

Plus Ones for Carers

If your carer is there to lend a hand, they're in for free. But if they're ready to get crafty and create their own masterpiece, they'll need their own ticket.

How to Book the Blaze & Foam Way: The NDIS Edition

Step by step, here's the booking process:

  1. Check if your NDIS plan covers our classes – look out for 'Social & community participation' and 'Capacity building' in your plan.
  2. Browse our workshops, and when you're ready, shoot us an email to info@blazeandfoam.com.au Make sure you let us know about your plan manager, support category, and NDIS participant number. Got a preferred date and time? Share that too. And if there's a support worker in the mix, let us know.
  3. We'll email you you an invoice to send to your plan manager.
  4. Your plan manager works their magic with payment direct to us. Keep in mind, it might take a while, so be patient.
  5. Once the cash lands, you're locked in! Within 48 hours, we'll slot you into your requested class. If you're a bit late to the party or the date's full, we'll  give you some alternatives.
  6. You'll receive a confirmation email with all the details you need before you show up.

Accessibility is Key: All Aboard!

Wheelchairs welcome! Our venues are all about easy access, from wide doors to ground-level workshops. Never stairs. Bathroom door widths might vary.

Extra Miles: The Travel Fee

If you're not in our backyard of Mornington Peninsula, there's a travel fee for bringing the private NDIS workshop to you in Melbourne.

Hold Up for Confirmation

Please wait for the official confirmation email before arriving at the workshop.


Life plans change? For public workshops email us at least seven (7) days before your workshop date and you can switch things around. For private workshops, we need 14 days notice since venues fees will have been paid. And all bookings are digital, so no paper tickets in the mail.

What to Expect

Blaze & Foam is all about unleashing your creative beast in a friendly space. The workshop hosts are there to guide and inspire. Equipment and materials are provided.

Snacks and Comfort

Feeling peckish? Go ahead and bring your nibbles and sips – we've got a fridge. As for attire, it's all about being comfy. Maybe toss on closed-toed shoes, just in case you drop a blob of creativity. An apron will be provided for use on the day.

Weekday Shenanigans

Want an NDIS party on a weekday? No problem! Just chat with us, and we'll sort you out.

No NDIS for Products: Workshops Only

Hold off on those NDIS-fuelled shopping sprees – it's workshop territory only at Blaze & Foam. No product purchases with NDIS funds here.

Terms & Conditions

Before you strut your creative stuff, give our terms and conditions a gander. Attending means you're on board with 'em.

Buckle up, because Blaze & Foam's NDIS workshops are ready to bring out your inner artist! Got more questions? Just us a holler at info@blazeandfoam.com.au.