Rose Victorian Fragrance Oil - Petal By Petal Edition


Be swept away on a fragrant journey through a blooming garden of red roses, where each note is a petal unfurling in the breeze, carrying the essence of romance and elegance. 

A Symphony of Scents:

Imagine inhaling the sweet, heady aroma of red roses in full bloom, their essence mingling with the subtle spices that add a touch of intrigue. The scent dance continues with the alluring presence of elegant gardenia and the gentle embrace of musk-infused peony.

Unveiling the Layers:

As the fragrance unfolds, it's like walking through a garden at different times of the day. The top notes greet you with the invigorating scent of freshly cut rose stems and the tangy sweetness of rosehips.

A Floral Elegance:

The middle notes are the heart of the experience, where the red rose takes centre stage. Its fragrance is a love song that lingers, accompanied by the harmonious whispers of subtle spices.

The Final Flourish:

The journey concludes with the base notes, where heliotrope adds a touch of sophistication while white musk blankets everything with a soft, lingering embrace.

A Whiff of Luxury:

This fragrance is like a bottle of moments, capturing the essence of romantic strolls through fragrant gardens and moonlit encounters.

Preservation and Care:

Just like a precious treasure, this fragrance should be treated with care. Keep it in a cool, dark place away from direct sunlight to maintain its exquisite quality.

Safety Notes: do not apply undiluted directly to skin. Not for internal consumption. Keep out of reach of children and pets
Oh, the magical guidelines:

Candle Crafting:

  • Candle Safe: Absolutely! This fragrance is like the perfect dance partner for your candles, ready to waltz at 100% strength.
  • Playful Suggestion: Watch your candles shine with the essence of a blooming garden; just remember, 8-10% is the recommended range for an exquisite aroma.

Soap and Bath Products:

  • Soap & Bath Safe: Yes, indeed! It's like a fragrant oasis for your soaps and bath goodies, with a usage range of 25%.
  • Playful Suggestion: Let your skin revel in the embrace of fragrant roses and gardenia – keep it within the 2-4% range for a luxurious bathing experience.

Underarm Elegance:

  • Underarm Safe: Feel free to add a touch of elegance to your underarm products. A gentle 1% will do the trick, like a subtle whisper of fragrance.

Diffuser Magic:

  • Diffuser Safe: A diffuser is like a stage for your fragrance to perform, and this scent is ready to take the spotlight at a maximum level of 25%.

Room Spray Serenity:

  • Room Spray Safe: This fragrance wants to grace your room at a level of up to 1%. It's like misting your surroundings with elegance.

Lotion & Cream Craftsmanship:

  • Baby Lotion / Cream: Baby's skin deserves the gentlest touch, and 1% is just perfect. It's like a loving whisper of fragrance.
  • Body Cream / Lotion: For your luxurious body potions, a maximum of 1-2% will envelop you in scented elegance.
  • Hand Cream: Your hands will thank you for the 1-2.5% dose of fragrant care.

Hair and More:

  • Shampoo & Conditioner: Your hair care rituals can bloom with fragrance at 1-1.5%. It's like a fragrant caress for your locks.
  • Makeup Removers: Makeup removal becomes a scented experience at 0.5-1%.
  • Baby Wipes: Even baby wipes can carry a hint of elegance with a maximum of 1%.

Forbidden Territories:

  • Mouth Products: Alas, this fragrance is like a charming guest who won't join the mouth party.
  • Eye and Lip Safety: These delicate areas are like the VIP zones where this fragrance won't make an appearance.

Flashpoint of Intrigue:

  • Flashpoint: It's like a secret temperature handshake – under 100°C is the mark of this fragrance's combustible nature.

Vanillin Whispers:

  • Contains Vanillin? Nope, no vanillin mischief here.

Ethyl Vanillin Chronicles:

  • Contains Ethyl Vanillin: The charming ethyl vanillin is also absent from this enchanting concoction.
  • Vanillin & Ethyl Vanillin: They're like mischievous artists that can tint your creations. Test in small batches to see if they decide to paint the town a different colour.

Safety Dance:

  • Safety Notes: avoid applying it undiluted to the skin, keep it away from your eyes, and make sure it's out of reach of little ones and furry friends.




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