Strawberry Lip Flavour Oil


Ah, get ready to give your lips a lip-smacking treat with this delightful lip safe flavour oil!  Let's dive into the world of lip products that will be positively kissed by the essence of strawberry, and all the exciting details that come with it.

Luscious Lip Indulgence: Imagine your lips being coated in the irresistible scent and taste of juicy strawberries. It's like a fruity paradise right at your fingertips!

Vegan Lip Magic: This flavour oil is like a vegan-friendly magician, with no phthalates, parabens, or alcohol. It's here to give your lip balms, lip glosses, lipsticks, and lip butters a burst of strawberry goodness.

Usage Notes: Think of this as your flavourful recipe secret. Add 1-3% of this enchanting oil to your lip product's total weight. But be mindful not to exceed this limit, or your lip treat might turn gritty and lose its silky texture, possibly leading to a bit of a burning sensation – not the kissable kind!

Flavour with a Twist: This is not just a fragrance – it's a lip safe flavour that's been approved by IFDA for lip contact. It's the difference between merely smelling like strawberries and actually tasting them when you inhale.

The Scent-Sation: Inhale and imagine strawberries dancing in the air – your brain might even believe you're tasting them! It's a scent that's good enough to eat. Speaking of taste, you have the option to sweeten the deal. But instead of using just any sweetener, go for natural powdered stevia extract with maltodextrin. It's like adding a touch of sweetness to your lips in a natural way.

Life of the Flavour: It's like a strawberry with a long shelf life – this flavour will be a lip treat for a good 12-24 months if stored in a cool, dark place. Keep it in its original packaging for maximum freshness.

Know Its Limits: This flavour is like a lip party guest that doesn't fit in everywhere – it's not suitable for candles, soaps, bath bombs, diffusers, body products, or room sprays. Flavours and fragrances play different roles, and this one is all about being lip-smackingly delicious.

Disclaimer and Adventure Ahead: Think of this as a lip adventure guide. While it gives you all the essential information, your own testing and creativity will be the compass. Your results might vary based on your recipes, and it's your responsibility to make sure your lip products are lip-smackingly awesome. Remember, the final product is your masterpiece.

A Word on Bottles: These bottles are like artists – they're filled by weight, not volume. So, the levels might vary, but the lip magic inside remains constant.

So, there you have it – a little bottle of strawberry paradise for your lips! Embrace the fruity delight and let your lips enjoy the scented journey.

To learn how to make vegan lip balm please click here.

Oh, it's like a list of rules that this delightful flavour oil plays by, ensuring it's used in just the right places. Let's decode this straightforward guide to make sure you're using this lip-safe treat with all the right moves!

Candle Crafting Quest:

  • Candle: Nope, this flavour oil wants to keep its lip-loving essence away from candle-making adventures. Candles and flavours aren't quite the same kind of party.

Soapy Adventures:

  • Soap: Sorry, soap crafting isn't on the menu for this flavour oil either. It's like the flavour has its own agenda that doesn't involve getting soapy.

Body, Oh No!

  • Body: Just like a diva refusing an encore, this flavour isn't joining the body product party either. Its true calling lies elsewhere.

Diffusing Disinterest:

  • Diffuser: No diffusing dreams for this flavour oil – it's not interested in mingling with the diffuser crowd.

Room Spray Skipping:

  • Room Spray: This flavour is like a wallflower at the room spray dance – it's opting out of making an appearance.

Eye Safety Warnings:

  • Eye Safe: Nah, it's not planning on making eye contact. Keep it away from your peepers.

Lip Love Unleashed:

  • Lip Safe: Ding, ding, ding! This is where the magic happens. Your lips are in for a treat with a suggested usage of 1-3%. The flavour is ready to make your lips dance with strawberry delight.

Flashpoint Mystery:

  • Flashpoint: The temperature where this flavour oil does its magic is yet to be unveiled. It's like a secret that only time will reveal.

The Vanillin Enigma:

  • Contains Vanillin: The vanillin presence is like a riddle that hasn't been solved yet. Its level remains a mystery for now.

Safety Whispers:

  • Safety Notes: Think of this as a gentle reminder to play nice with the flavour oil – don't apply it directly to your skin without dilution, and keep it far away from your eyes.

So, there you have it – a guide to where this flavour oil wants to be and where it prefers not to go. It's all about embracing its lip-loving nature and using it to bring a delicious burst of strawberry goodness to your lips! 

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