Oxford Extra Large Glass Opaque Glass Jar White Gloss with transparent base for making candles


Feast your eyes on the mesmerizing Oxford Opaque White Glass, a true masterpiece in the world of candle crafting!

This glass isn't just frosted, it's moulded – none of that hand-blown shenanigans. And guess what? This isn't just any moulding; it's the kind that makes the glass walls flex their muscles and say, "Breakages, begone!"

But wait, there's more! Let's dive into the delightful deets:

  • Colour: It's a world of white. Imagine pure elegance, like candlelight in a snowfall.
  • Finish: Glossy goodness. This glass knows how to shine, like the star of the candle show.
  • Base: Transparent. Let's not hide that beauty, shall we?
  • Height: 100mm of sleek perfection – this glass stands tall and proud.
  • Base Diameter: A robust 93mm – a base that says, "I'm grounded and ready to hold some wax magic!"
  • Outer Diameter: 98mm. 
  • Inner Diameter: 93mm. 
  • Capacity: A whopping 410 grams of wax space. Light it up and let the glow flow!
  • Glass Weight: 409 grams. It's got some heft, but hey, that's the mark of quality.
  • Recommended Wick: HTP XL100. But be sure to channel your inner candle whisperer and test it out for the perfect flicker dance!
  • Burn Time: Prepare for approximately 63 hours of soy wax wonderment. That's a lot of candlelit moments.
  • Colour Variations: Like the mood of a chameleon, jar colours might play the field from batch to batch. Embrace the surprises!
  • Candle Lid: Lids are up for grabs, but they're sold separately. The finishing touch awaits your creative touch.

Now, before you embark on your candle-making odyssey, heed the wisdom of the disclaimer! 

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