Glassware Disclaimer

Imperfections: No glassware is perfect. Every glass has what might be considered imperfections. During manufacture, bubbles might get trapped in glass, and areas might appear uneven or sloped. This is normal. We cannot guarantee that every piece of glass will be identical and flawless.

Washing: All glassware needs to be washed or wiped prior to use and may contain dust and shards from manufacture. All glassware is hand wash only. Wipe the inside with a damp cloth, and use no chemicals or detergents. Do not submerge glass in water. An air gun can be used to remove debris. Test your chosen glass cleaning method with one glass first to ensure that no damage occurs. Using an automated dishwasher may interfere with the integrity of the jars’ colour. Blaze & Foam takes no responsibility for damage caused while washing or cleaning glasses.

Colour variations:  While we strive to maintain colour consistency,  jar colours may vary from batch to batch.