Oxford Extra Large Glass Frosted Purple


Dive into the enchanting world of candle making with this rich, purple frosted glass. It's not just a glass; it's a canvas for your candle masterpiece! 

No hand-blown glass here! This glass is the result of some moulding. That means thicker glass walls, leading to fewer breakages. And imagine a purple that's not just a colour; it's a whole mood. That's the shade you're dealing with here – a purple that's ready to shine like royalty.

The base is all about that frosted allure. Let the glass show off its style from top to bottom!


  • Height: 100mm 
  • Base Diameter: 93mm.
  • Outer Diameter: 98mm. 
  • Inner Diameter: 93mm. 
  • Capacity: 410 grams 
  • Glass Weight: 409 grams 

Wick Wizardry:

The recommended wick is the HTP XL100. But it's your job to play wick matchmaker and find the perfect dance partner for your wax.

Glow On:

Brace yourself for about 63 hours of soy wax brilliance. That's a lot of time to bask in the candlelit glory!

Chromatic Adventures:

While colour consistency is the goal, remember that these purples might play a little game of mix-and-match from batch to batch. Note: the image may not exactly match the colour you receive.

Lids & Extras:

Extra Large Lids are up for grabs, but they're not part of the package deal. The lid is the cherry on top of your candle creation!

Now, before you embark on your candle-making escapade, take a peek at the disclaimer. And there you have it, the stage is set for your candle-making symphony.

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