Oxford Purple Frosted Glass - Extra Large







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This rich, purple, frosted glass is ideal for candle making!

This frosted glass is moulded and not hand blown. The moulding process produces a thicker glass wall which results in less breakages. It is therefore a safer product for candle making. 

Colour: Purple 

Finish: Frosted


mm base diameter TBA

mm height TBA

x mm wide top TBA

Maximum Capacity: x grams

Glass Weight: x grams

Recommended Wick: 

Burn Time: x Hours for soy wax

*Please note these are approximate and a guide only

Colour variations:  While we strive to maintain colour consistency,  jar colours may vary slightly from batch to batch. 

Washing: Wipe the inside with a damp cloth only, and use no chemicals and detergents. Do not submerge coloured glass in water. An air gun can be used to remove debris. Test your chosen glass cleaning method with one glass first to ensure that no damage occurs. Using an automated dishwasher may interfere with the colour integrity of the jars colour. Blaze & Foam takes no responsibility for damage caused while washing or cleaning these glasses.

 Candle Lid: Extra Large Lids are available for sale separately. They do not come with this glass.

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