Oxford Medium Glass Jar White Electroplated silver with bamboo or acacia lid for candle making


Ready to light up the night (or day) in style? Let us introduce you to the Oxford White Glass!

Flame Game Strong:

That silver interior? It’s not just for looks! As your candle burns, witness a mesmerizing flame effect dancing within. Talk about setting the mood!

Sturdy & Saucy:

Hand blown? Psssh. We've gone the moulded route. It’s thick, it’s strong, and it’s less prone to those heart-breaking breakages.

Electroplated Elegance:

A pristine white exterior paired with a shimmering silver inside.


Standing at a chic 84mm height with a sleek outer diameter of 72mm.

Candle Capacity:

 This little beauty can cradle up to 180 grams of your favorite wax.

Waxing Wisdom:

With soy wax, expect about 33 hours of burn time. But remember, every candle's journey is its own, so always test first!

Lid Lovin’:

Each glass comes dressed with a lid. Choose between earthy bamboo or classic acacia. And that silicone plastic seal? It's like a secret keeper, ensuring your candle's aroma stays trapped and tantalizing.

Buying Bunches:  

Whether you’re a ‘one at a time’ kind of person or a ‘buy in bulk’ enthusiast, we’ve got you covered. Options? 1, 12, or a grand 24!

Friendly Reminder:

Every candle, like every human, is unique. So, do your own testing to ensure the best burn.


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