Oxford Large Frosted Glass Pink



Oh, pinkalicious!  This Oxford frosted candle glass is the ultimate candle canvas! No hand-blown drama here – it's all about that snazzy moulded process. Why, you ask? Well, it gives this glass some extra muscle – thicker walls, fewer breakages. Safety first, for candle crafting!

Let's get to know this glass a bit better:

  • Height: A proud 98mm. Stand tall, glass!
  • Outer Diameter: 80mm. It's not just any diameter; it's an outer one.
  • Inner Diameter: 87mm. Inner beauty matters too, you know!
  • Base Diameter: 81mm. A strong foundation for all your candle dreams.
  • Capacity: Holding a sweet 285 grams of wax. That's a lot of wax-tastic potential!
  • Empty Glass Weight: 324g. Empty, but still weighty – it's got presence.
  • Recommended Wick Size: Size 1312, but you're the candle boss so your own testing is required.
  • Burn Time: About 48 hours of soy wax magic. Light it up, and let the glow show!
  • Colour: Frosted Pink. Pink isn't just a colour; it's an attitude, right?
  • Colour Variations: Embrace the uniqueness – batch to batch, this glass might flirt with different shades of pink.
  • Candle Lid: Sold separately. Large Acacia and Large Bamboo are the chosen ones for this glass – they've got the perfect fit!




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