Oxford Large Glass Frosted Moss Green


Our exquisite Moss Green Frosted Glass is designed to captivate with its oceanic allure and tumbled sea glass appearance.

Enchanting Elegance:

Moss Green Charm: The glass exudes a stunning moss green hue reminiscent of the depths of the ocean, creating an enchanting ambiance when illuminated by candlelight.

Tumbled Sea Glass Aesthetic: The frosted finish gives the glass a textured, tumbled appearance akin to sea glass, adding a touch of coastal charm to your candles.

Quality and Safety Unite:

Moulded for Durability: Crafted using a moulding process rather than hand-blown, this glass boasts a thicker wall for enhanced durability, reducing the risk of breakage. A safer option for your candle-making endeavours.

Sturdy Build: With careful moulding, the glass maintains its structural integrity while providing a safer environment for your candles to shine.

Perfect Dimensions:

Ideal Measurements: The glass stands at 98mm in height, boasts an outer diameter of 80mm, an inner diameter of 87mm, and a base diameter of 81mm. Its size is crafted to accommodate your candle creations.

Capacity to Impress: Designed to hold 285 grams of wax, it offers ample space for your artistic expressions.

Empty Glass Weight: The glass itself weighs 324g, reflecting its solid construction.

Guidance and Compatibility:

Wick Compatibility: We recommend using a 1312 wick size as a guide, but it's essential to conduct your own testing for optimal results.

Burn Time Delight: Enjoy approximately 48 hours of burn time when using soy wax with this glass.

Lid Compatibility: Elevate your candle-making masterpiece with the perfect finishing touch. Consider complementing this glass with our Large Acacia or Large Bamboo lids (sold separately).

Embrace the Oceanic Aura:

Bring the soothing hues of the ocean to your candle creations with our Moss Green Frosted Glass. Its alluring colour, sturdy build, and enchanting design make it a canvas for your artistic candle-making visions. Illuminate your space with the tranquil charm of sea glass-inspired elegance. 

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