Oxford Large Glass Frosted Light Blue


Get ready to bottle up a piece of the heavens with this light blue Oxford frosted glass – it's like having a slice of the sky in your candle craft!

Frosty Marvels:

No hand-blown whimsy here! This glass comes from the land of moulding. And what's the deal with moulding? Well, it's like giving this glass an armour of thicker walls, making it less prone to breakages. Safety first, even in the world of candle magic!

Aqua Dreams:

Imagine a shade of blue that's as light and airy as a clear summer day. That's the magic of this light blue wonder – it's like a whisper from the sky itself.

Dimensions Delight:

  • Height: 98mm – this glass knows how to stand tall and shine!
  • Outer Diameter: 80mm 
  • Inner Diameter: 87mm 
  • Base Diameter:  81mm 
  • Capacity: Room for 285 grams of wax – light it up and let the glow flow!
  • Empty Glass Weight: A solid 324g – it's not just a glass; it's got presence.

Wick Whispers:

  • Recommended Wick: The guide says size 1312, but remember, you're the wick whisperer. Test it out and find your perfect match!

Glow in a Jar:

  • Burn Time: About 48 hours of soy wax brilliance – that's a whole lot of candlelit moments.

Lids & All That Jazz:

  • Candle Lid: Extra flair is just a lid away, but remember, these lids are sold separately. Large Acacia and Large Bamboo are the chosen ones for this glass.

Legal Luminary:

Before you dive into your candle crafting adventure, a glance at the disclaimer is the wisest first step.

So, channel your inner artist, fill this glass with your candle magic, and let the light blue sky dance in your creations!

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