HTP 126 - 150 mm Long (15mm x 3mm Tab)



The HTP 126 candle wick is ready to light up your candle-making game! 

Meet the Wick: So, this wick is like the superhero of wicks – self-trimming, pre-primed, and pre-tabbed! It's got that "I'm ready for action" attitude. And oh, it's got a rigid posture, making it perfect for tins and glassware. This wick knows how to strike a pose!

Vital Stats:

  • Length: A solid 150mm – that's some wick to play with!
  • Burn Diameter: A generous 66mm. But hey, remember, this is a guide. For all the nitty-gritty details, peek at the wick guide. Don't miss out on the wisdom!


  • Tab Size: Picture a tab that's 15mm x 3.8mm x 3.0mm – yep, it's got some size!
  • Origin: Proudly made in the U.S.A by the legends at Atkins & Pearce. 

High-Performance Vibes:

  • This wick isn't just any wick; it's got high-performance fibres in a fancy braid. That makes it a tough-to-burn contender. And guess what? It might even have some cool additives. So, it's a perfect match for Soy Wax. 

Test the Waters: Now, here's the thing – candle-making is like a science experiment meets an art project. So, before you go full-on wick wizard, make sure to test these wicks in small batches. Why? Because factors like the scent and the type of wax you're using can shake things up. You want your candles to shine, right?

So there you have it, the HTP 126 wick, your trusty sidekick in crafting candles that will light up your space with style. Get ready to ignite those creative vibes! 

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