HTP XL100 - 150mm Long (20mm x 6mm Tab)



Make your spaces glow with warmth and elegance! The HTP XL100 wick delivers an ideal, consistent, and radiant burn for your candles.

Key Features: 

Length: Perfectly cut at 150mm to suit a variety of containers.
Burn Diameter: An impressive 80mm that ensures a substantial, even melt pool. (This is a guide only – always refer to our wick guide for detailed information.)
Tab Size: A sturdy 20mm x 6mm x 3.4mm anchor keeps the wick in place, ensuring safety and stability.

Craftsmanship and Origin: 
Expertly manufactured in the U.S.A by the renowned Atkins & Pearce, the HTP XL100 embodies unparalleled quality and proficiency.

Wick Construction: 
Featuring a self-trimming design and a firm posture, it keeps maintenance at bay. The high-performance fibres intricately braided together withstand even tough-to-burn formulations, potentially inclusive of certain additives. It stands out as a top choice for Soy Wax candles, ensuring a cleaner burn.

Usage Recommendations: 
For optimal results, we recommend conducting small-batch tests. Factors such as fragrance concentration and the type of wax can influence the wick's performance.

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