HTP 41 - 150mm Long (15mm x 3mm Tab)



HTP 41: The wick that doesn't just stand... it STRUTS with a rigid posture! And hey, did someone forget to attach a tab? Nope! It's already there. It's like ordering a burger and finding out it comes with a surprise side of fries. 

And now, let's roll out the specs:

  • Length: A chic and sleek 150mm. Catwalk-ready, I must say!
  • Burn Diameter: 33mm, but hey! No playing by the rules! Always sneak a peek at the wick guide for the inside scoop.
  • Self trimming
  • Tab Size: A robust 15mm x 3.8mm x 2.4mm. If HTP 41 was a movie, this would be the action-packed sequence!
  • From the boulevards of the U.S.A, crafted by the artists at Atkins & Pearce. It's like the Hollywood of wicks, folks!
  • Tough as nails, the constructed braid with high-performance fibers takes on additives like a champ. Got some Soy Wax? HTP 41 is all, "Bring it on!" 

But a little whisper of wisdom: Always give these bad boys a test run. Different fragrances and waxes might throw a curveball, and it's always fun to be on your toes!

Now, go light up your world with HTP 41 and let the fun begin! 

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