HTP 1312 - 150mm Long (20mm x 6mm Tab)



Illuminate your spaces with the magic of HTP 1312 – Bring warmth and ambiance to every corner with this stellar wick!

Essential Wick Details: 

Length: Standing tall and proud at 
Burn Power: Flaunting a dynamic burn diameter of 80mm. More at our wick chart.
Base of Brilliance: Tab size – 20mm x 6mm x 3.4mm. It's all about that steady base!
Wick Twin: CDN aficionados, this one mirrors the CDN28.

Performance and Prowess: 
A self-assured wick that knows its worth. HTP 1312 presents a sturdy posture and doesn't bow down easily. Meticulously braided with high-performance fibres, it's game to handle those robust formulations with a sprinkle of additives. This wick doesn’t shy away from challenges!

Take Note: 
While HTP 1312 boasts of its prowess, remember every candle recipe is unique. It's always a good idea to conduct test runs to ensure optimal burn and performance. So, test away!

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