HTP 13 - 150mm Long (15mm x 3mm Tab)


Gaze upon the marvel that is HTP 13, specially tailored for those cozy, smaller candles and votives. Perfect for creating that intimate ambiance! 

Wick Specs at a Glance: 

Stature: A respectable 150mm. Perfect for peeping out of those cute candles.

Burnin' and Yearnin' Diameter: TBA (And we mean it, for the real nitty-gritty, delve deep into our wick guide.)

Tab-titude: A solid 20mm x 6.0mm x 3.4mm. Because even a wick needs a good foundation!

Origin Story: Hailing from the land of the free, the HTP 13 is proudly stamped with 'Made in U.S.A', courtesy of the legendary Atkins & Pearce. 

Skills & Abilities: Boasting a rigid posture, this wick's not messing around. Those high-performance fibres, elegantly intertwined in a well-crafted braid, are up for the task, especially when playing with feisty formulations with additives. Soy Wax enthusiasts? This one's singing your tune. 

Quick PSA: Friendly reminder to take the HTP 13 for a spin in smaller test runs. These wicks have a personality of their own when paired with diverse fragrances and waxes. Test before the grand performance! 

Light 'em up and let the HTP 13 dazzle in its glow! 

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