HTP 1212 - 150mm Long (20mm x 6mm Tab)

The superstar HTP 1212 has entered the building! And, oh boy, is it ready to shine bright in your tins and container candles. 

Majestic Height: 150mm! Stand tall, my wicky friend.
Burn, Baby, Burn Diameter: 71mm (But hey, this is just a teaser. For the full movie, check out our fabulous wick guide. Popcorn not included. 
Tab-tastic Size: 20mm x 3.8m (And if you fancy a change? Don’t fret! We've got a 15x3mm tab version too.)

Wick’s Birthplace: Born and proudly flaunting its 'Made in U.S.A' tag, thanks to the uber-cool folks at Atkins & Pearce. 

Wick’s Superpowers: With high-octane performance fibres intricately woven into a swanky braid, this wick is ready to tango with some fiery formulations, including those mischievous additives. Soy Wax fans? Brace yourselves. This one's a charmer!

Friendly Wick Whisper: Remember, candle aficionado, to give these wicks a trial run. They like to jive differently to various fragrances and waxes. 

Light up the stage, and let HTP 1212 do its magic! 

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