HTP 105 - 150mm Long (15mm x 3mm Tab)


 HTP 105: The Wick-tacular Sensation!  All pre-primed and pre-cut for your candle making extravaganza! Perfect for those trendy tins and glam glassware. 

Lengthy and Lovely: 150mm

Burn, Baby, Burn Diameter:
56mm (Psst! It's just a guide. For the real lowdown, check out our fab wick guide. 

Tab-tastic Size: 15mm x 3.8mm x 3.0mm

If it Were a CDN: It'd be the dashing CDN 14.

The Origin Story:
Born and raised in the fabulous U.S.A by the legendary Atkins & Pearce! 

The Secret Sauce:
Made with high-flying performance fibres twisted in a fancy braid. Trust us, these bad boys are tough cookies! They're like the action heroes of wicks, especially when dealing with sassy formulations and additives. And oh! They are super-duper fab for Soy Wax. 

Every candle's unique! So, make sure you give these wicks a test run in your own concoctions. Fragrance, wax, and maybe even the moon phase can influence performance. This wick guide is only a starting point.

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