Blaze & Foam

Soy Container Candle Making Workshop For Beginners in Mornington

Learn a new skill at this this hands-on, fun public candle making workshop.  Take home your 2 x 33 hour candles. Never buy candles again!

Step into our wonder-filled workshop where the wicks are lit and the creativity flows like wax in a warm pot! Grab your sense of fun and your love for all things scented and eco-friendly and let's dive into the heartwarming world of candle crafting.

Sip & Start: Kick things off with a welcome bubbly or a zesty juice to toast to the good times ahead.

Shop 'Til You Drop: Done with your candle? Treat yo' self with a 10% discount on all the goodies you can grab post-class. There's a crafting Kit available: We've packed everything you need—from wicks to soy wax, from cheer to charm. Pre-order with code at check out with WORKSHOPPICKUP to void shipping.

Wax Whiz Guidance: Our guru of glow will be your lighthouse, steering you clear of any candle conundrums.

Sniff & Select: Explore our fragrance library where phthalates are a no-go, but "mmms" and "aahs" are a yes-please!

Colour Your Wax: Dye your candle corner with a pick of glass and dye hues that scream "you."

Love Your Mother: Breathe easy knowing your creation doesn't just smell good, it does good—eco-friendly, vegan, and cruelty-free.

Candle College
- Soy-licious Secrets: Soy vs. paraffin? Get the scoop!
- Wickipedia: It’s all about the contain er diameter when it comes to wick sizes.
- Scent-ology: We’re talking ratios that make sense for scents.
- Don't Get Burned: Safety talks for when you take the heat home.
- Gear Up: Tools and tales of the trade.
- Measure Treasure: The perfect pour for the perfect burn.
- Q&A Fiesta: You ask, we answer—candle curiosities satisfied.

Dress Code: Come as you are, but maybe leave the posh at home—things might get waxy! We have the aprons.

Candle Caravan: Carry your new candle with care in our provided tray, or opt for a $12 mail-me-home service per candle.

feeling extra Crafty: Double down on your candle count on booking or on the day. Add an additional candle or two.

Gift of Glow: Spread the love with a voucher that's as flexible as your new-found candle making skills.

Sign on the dotted line (figuratively) with our workshop purchase, and you’re in for a flicker of fun. Here are our Terms and conditions

The More, The Merrier: We need at least 10 twinkling crafters to make the party happen, or we'll reschedule for max flair.

Unlock your crafty side, inhale the happiness, and pour your heart into a candle that's all you. Book your spot in our Container Candle Crafting Workshop and let's make some memories that will burn bright long after the wick has set. 


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