CDN Stabilo 6 - Votive 60mm long (15mm x 3.8mm tab)


 Enter the humble yet heroic CDN Stabilo 6, strolling down the votive lane with a heart full of flame and a tab that's anything but lame! 

Votive Valiant:
The CDN Stabilo 6 is not just a wick; it's a votive’s companion, pre-tabbed and pre-primed to leap into the creative fray.

Length of the Legend:
At 60mm, our little luminary leads the light, spreading a shimmer across the somber space. 

Burning Bravado: Burn Diameter 45-46mm

Tab of Tenacity: With a tab size of 15mm x 3.8mm x 2.4mm, this wick wears its base like a badge of honour. HTP 83 is its equivelent.

Testing Tribute: The wick guide is a soft suggestion. The true tune of the wick’s waltz will only wade into the light with your personal testing. Wax, dye, fragrance oil, and container.


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