CDN Stabilo 28 - 150mm Long (20mm x 6mm Tab)


 Behold, the illustrious CDN Stabilo 28, a wick of noble lineage, pre-tabbed and pre-primed, standing tall amidst the regal realm of pillar moulds! 

A Pillar's Poise: This wick is like a knight of old, ready to guard the flickering flames of your scented citadels. With a stature of 150mm, CDN Stabilo 28 is a guardian, its essence sculpted in the hearty cradle of Germany by the skilled hands at Wedo. 

Burn of Bravery: With a burn diameter of 80mm, this wick is ready to combat the shadows, spreading a realm of radiance wherever it is lit. 

Tab of Tenacity:  Measuring at 20mm x 6.0mm x 3.4mm, this tab is the stronghold that keeps the flame steady amidst the storm of time, a steadfast pedestal for the dance of light. 

Testing the Tale: This wick guide is your starting point. Each wax, dye, fragrance oil, and container is a verse waiting to rhyme with the rhythm of your wick choice. Test and tinker, for in every trial, a treasure of truth awaits! 

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