CDN Stabilo 30 - 250mm Long (20mm x 6mm tab)


 Here comes the CDN Stabilo 30, pre-tabbed and pre-primed, a torchbearer for both your container candles and stoic pillars! 

This wick sails all the way from the shores of Germany, crafted with tender care by the masterful hands at Wedo.

Lengthy Legacy:
Standing tall at 250mm, CDN Stabilo 30 is like a lighthouse in the tempest, guiding the glowing grace of your candle creations.

Burn, Baby, Burn:
With a burn diameter of 80mm, this wick isn't just a wick; it's a luminous lance that pierces the veil of darkness, letting the light of love leap and dance in a radiant romance! 

Tab of Triumph:
Measuring a hearty 20mm x 6.00mm, the tab of CDN Stabilo 30 is the cornerstone of its steadiness, a solid stage for the flickering flame to flaunt its fiery finesse.

Test, Tailor, Triumph:
This wick guide is but a map, yet the true treasure lies in your adventurous testing! The wax, the dye, the fragrance oil, and the container are but stars in the constellation of your candle creation. Test them, tailor your choice, and triumph in the tale of the perfect wick! 

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