CDN Stabilo 16 -150mm Long (15mm x 3.8mm tab)


 CDN Stabilo 16 – the wick that's here to make your creative journey a breeze !  

Wick Wizardry: This wick comes pre-tabbed, making your candle-making adventure a whole lot easier. Plus, it's pre-primed, adding that extra touch of rigidity for a majestic burn.

Measurements That Matter: With a length of 150mm and a burn diameter of 59mm, it's like a symphony conductor guiding your candle to a glorious performance.

Tabtacular Excellence: The tab size is 15mm x 3.8mm x 3.8mm – a masterful tab that ensures your wick stands tall and proud, ready to illuminate your space.

Testing: Your Candle Odyssey: This wick guide is like your treasure map, but testing is your compass. Your chosen wax, the dye, the fragrance oil, and even the vessel holding your creation – all these elements influence your final wick choice. 

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