CDN Stabilo 14 -150 mm Long (15mm x 3.8mm Tab)


Meet CDN Stabilo 14 – the wick that's all set to elevate your pillar mould adventures!

Pillar Perfection:

Hold onto your moulds, because CDN Stabilo 14 is here to make your pillar candles the stars of the show! This wick comes pre-tabbed and pre-primed, ready to set your pillar creations aglow.

A Symphony of Measurements:

CDN Stabilo 14 doesn't just guess its way – it's engineered to make your pillar candles shine. With a length of 150mm and a burn diameter of 56mm, it's like the tailor-made suit of wicks for your pillar moulds.


The tab size is 15mm x 3.8mm x 3.0mm – the perfect companion to keep your wick standing tall and ready to light up the world.

Testing Tango Redux: 

This wick guide is your compass, but your ship is captained by testing. The wax, the dye, the fragrance oil, and the very vessel that holds your creation – all these ingredients dance together in choosing your final wick. So, embrace the testing journey and sail on!



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