CDN Stabilo 10 - 33mm Tealight Wick(15mm x 3mm x 2.4mm Tab)


The CDN Stabilo 10 is here to ease your way into the heartwarming world of candle-making. 

Crafted with love and precision in the heart of Germany by the master artisans at Wedo, this pre-tabbed wick is spun from all-natural threads, whispering tales of purity and tradition. 

Length: 33mm of prime wick, ready to stand tall and proud!
Burn diameter: A generous 52mm to spread warmth far and wide.
Tab size: 15mm x 3.8mm x 2.4mm, a sturdy base for your fiery aspirations.
HTP equivalent: N/A 

Testing: The CDN Stabilo 10 is just the start. The realm of candle-making is vast and it beckons you to explore, to mix, to match, to find the perfect blend of wax, dye, and fragrance. Your ideal wick awaits amidst a bit of trial, a dash of error, and a whole lot of fun! See our wick guide for a starting point.

Ideal for tea light cups, this wick is the missing ingredient to your candle concoction. So, whether you’re crafting a soft glow for a quiet reading nook or lighting up a dinner of romance, this is your go-to. 

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