Oxford Medium Glass Jar Frosted Orange with Bamboo or Acacia Lid for candle making



Get ready for the perfect blend of style and safety with the Oxford Orange Frosted Candle Glass. It's not just a glass; it's a game-changer for your candle-making escapades!

Moulding Magic:

Step aside, hand-blown glass – it's the era of expert moulding. That means a thicker glass wall and fewer breakage fears. This glass is like the knight in shining armour for candle makers!

Quantity Vibes:

Whether you're dipping your toes into the candle crafting waters or ready to dive deep, we've got three choices: 1, 12, and 24. Options, options everywhere!

Spectacular Insights:

  • Colour Splendour: A vibrant orange that's ready to make your candles pop!
  • Frosty Finish: It's like giving your glass a stylish winter coat.
  • Height: 84mm 
  • Outer Diameter: 72mm 
  • Inner Diameter: 67mm 
  • Base Diameter: A sturdy 65mm 
  • Base Frosting: Even the base is frosted
  • Capacity: Hold 180 grams of wax – let the glow begin!
  • Empty Glass Weight: 204g 
  • Wick Wisdom: (we think) HTP 126 wick is the ideal match for that perfect burn. Expect around 33 hours of soy wax magic. Remember, your own testing is the name of the game!

Lids, Lids, Lids:

  • Each glass comes with its very own candle lid. Say goodbye to dust and hello to trapped fragrance!
  • Lid Choices: Bamboo or acacia – both sealed with a silicone plastic touch.
  • Extra Lid Bonanza: Want more? You're in luck. Medium Acacia and Medium Bamboo lids are up for grabs separately.

Legal Luminary: Before you embark on your candle-making escapade, a glance at the disclaimer is like a safety net for your creative journey.

So, go on and let your candle-making imagination run wild with this Oxford Orange beauty – it's a blend of style, safety, and all-around awesomeness! 

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