Oxford Medium Glass Jar Opaque Gloss Black (Transparent Base) with bamboo or acacia lid for candle making


Introducing the Opaque Black, Gloss Medium Candle Glass with a transparent base, a fusion of style and practicality for your candle-making endeavours. Here's why this glass is the perfect choice to elevate your creations:

Elegant Design and Sturdy Craftsmanship:

  • The Perfect Balance: This glass is an embodiment of modern aesthetics and reliable functionality. The opaque black exterior is complemented by a glossy finish, while the transparent base adds a touch of intrigue and allows you to showcase your exquisite wax creations.

  • Moulded for Durability: Crafted using a meticulous moulding process, this glass boasts a thicker wall, ensuring enhanced sturdiness and reduced breakage risks compared to hand-blown alternatives.

Dimensions and Capacity:

  • Ideal Proportions: With a height of 84mm, outer diameter of 72mm, inner diameter of 67mm, and a base diameter of 65mm, this glass offers an ideal canvas for your candle creations.

  • Generous Space: The glass has a capacity to hold 180 grams of wax, allowing you to unleash your creativity while crafting candles that captivate the senses.

Quality and Reliability:

  • Robust Construction: The moulding process not only enhances its durability but also makes it a safer option for your candle-making projects.

Guidance and Compatibility:

  • Wick Recommendation: The HTP126 wick is recommended as a guide, but thorough testing is essential to achieve optimal burning results.

  • Burn Time Brilliance: Experience an approximate burn time of 33 hours when using soy wax, enveloping your space in the enchanting glow of your crafted candle.

  • Enhanced Protection and Aesthetics: Each glass comes with a candle lid, featuring a silicone plastic seal for dust prevention and fragrance retention. Additional lids are available for sale separately, designed to fit this candle glass - choose between Medium Acacia and Medium Bamboo Lids.

Illuminate Your Creations: Elevate your candle-making game with the Opaque Black, Gloss Medium Candle Glass. Its exquisite design, practical features, and sturdy craftsmanship make it an exceptional choice for crafting candles that light up both your space and your creativity. Whether for personal indulgence or thoughtful gifting, these glasses are your canvas to infuse elegance into every flame. Order now and let your candles tell a tale of sophistication and enchantment! 


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