Oxford Extra Large Glass Frosted White


This white Extra large Oxford quality frosted glass is perfect all year round for candle making!

This frosted glass is moulded and not hand blown. The moulding process produces a thicker glass wall which results in less breakages. It is therefore a safer product for candle making.

Frosting creates a beautiful ambience at night, and will help to conceal wet spots.

Base: Frosted

Height: 100mm

Base diameter: 93mm

Outer diameter: 98mm

Inner diameter: 93mm

Capacity: holds 410 grams

Glass weight: 409 grams

Recommended Wick: HTP XL100 This is a guide only. Your own testing is required.

Burn Time: Approximately 63 Hours for soy wax

Colour variations:  While we strive to maintain colour consistency,  jar colours may vary slightly from batch to batch. 

Candle Lid: Lids in bamboo and Acacia are available for sale separately to add the finishing touch. They do NOT come with this glass. Photo is only to show what glass looks like with a lid.


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