Oxford Extra large glass opaque black gloss with transparent Base


The Oxford Showstopper: Opaque Black Gloss Glass - Extra Large Edition!

The epitome of elegance and strength. Crafted not by mere hands, but through a meticulous moulding process, this beauty promises thicker walls, meaning fewer oopsies and more aha moments in your candle-making adventures.

Colour: A dashing black with a transparent base.
Dimensions: Standing tall at 100mm, with a sturdy base diameter of 93mm.
Capacity: Generously holding up to 410 grams.Weight: A solid 409 grams.
Burn Time: Approximately 63 hours when filled with soy wax. That's a lot of cozy evenings!

Note to Self: We recommend the HTP XL100 wick, but don't forget to do your own wick homework.

 A little heads up: Just like snowflakes, our jars might have slight colour variations from batch to batch. It's just nature doing its thing!

Fancy a lid? You're in luck! They're sold separately, so you can pick your perfect match. The photo's there just to tease you with its lid-tastic charm.


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