Let's pull back the curtain and reveal the grand experience that awaits you with Blaze & Foam's private workshops! Get ready to dive into a world of creativity, laughter, and pure enjoyment. Here's what's in store:

Friendly Vibes: A Warm Welcome Awaits

Step into a space that's bursting with warmth, friendliness, and safety. Blaze & Foam aims to create an environment where your creative spirit can run wild while feeling right at home.

Magic Number: Minimum Participants

Gather your crew because private workshops need a minimum of ten enthusiasts to get the party started. If your gang's a bit smaller, don't worry – you can always hop onto one of their public workshops.

Reservation Road: Secure Your Spot with a Deposit

Ready to make your creative dreams come true? Lock in your chosen date by putting down a 50% deposit. This ensures your spot is reserved, and your artistic adventure is just around the corner.

Location Exploration: Where the Magic Happens

Get ready for creative magic on Melbourne's Mornington Peninsula. And guess what? If Melbourne is your domain, Blaze & Foam can set up shop there too. Oh, and for all the virtual wanderers, we've got virtual workshops that might tickle your fancy.

Access All Areas: Wheelchair Friendly Venues

Great news for everyone – the workshop venues are always on the ground floor, and the front doors are wide open for wheelchairs. Some bathrooms might not be as spacious, but we're all ears when it comes to making things accessible. 

Food and Drinks Delight

Feel free to pack your favourite treats – we're all about the BYO food and drink life. A fully-equipped kitchen with a fridge is at your disposal. But hey, while food and drinks are welcome, going overboard with the booze or causing a ruckus isn't part of the deal.

The Bigger, the Merrier: Group Size Suggestions

For seated private events, they recommend around 40 people max. And if you're aiming for the standing candle bar experience, we can fit up to a whopping 200 folks. If your group's unique, give us an shout.

Time to Shine: Duration of the Adventure

Get ready to immerse yourself in creativity for a good while. Most classes clock in between 60 and 90 minutes, giving you ample time to explore your creative side.

Overtime Play: Go the Extra Mile

If you're having a blast and want to extend the fun, it's all good – with a little heads-up. Just let us know beforehand, and we'll help you keep the creative vibes going longer for an extra fee.


Top-Notch Materials: Quality Assurance

Blaze & Foam's all about quality. Our materials are vegan, palm oil-free, and phthalate-free. Plus, their fragrance oils are skin-safe and FDA approved – ensuring a fantastic experience.

Dress Comfortably: Keep It Casual

No need to doll up for the occasion – comfort is key. But hey, closed-toe footwear is recommended. Aprons are up for grabs for the day if you're all about keeping your clothes spick and span.

Snacks and Comfort: Fuelling Up and Staying Stylish

Feeling peckish? No worries, you can bring your own snacks and drinks. And as for your attire, comfy is the name of the game. Toss on some closed-toe shoes, just in case you get a bit messy in the creative frenzy.

Weekdays and Weekends: You Call the Shots

Blaze & Foam's game for fun any day of the week. If you don't see your preferred date on the booking calendar, drop them a line, and they'll work their magic.

Age Is Just a Number: Age Range Inclusions

Private workshops are open to kids over 5 and teens too – as long as there's a supervising adult from your group.

Arrival Time: Fashionably Early, Please

Aim to arrive 5-10 minutes ahead of time. It's a chance to get comfy before the creative explosion begins.

No DIY Containers: Use Ours for Safety

When it comes to containers, We've got you covered. We provide containers specifically designed for candle making, ensuring safety and quality.

Scents of Success: Fragrances and Essential Oils

No need to bring your own scents – Blaze & Foam's got that covered. We use only IFRA-endorsed fragrances designed for candles and soaps.

Keep Crafting Post-Workshop: Craft Supplies Galore

If you're still in the crafting groove after the workshop, don't sweat it! You can pre-order craft supplies and pick them up at the event.

Last-Minute Additions: Expanding the Guest List

Plans change, we get it. If you need to add more folks last-minute, we're flexible. Your deposit covers at least ten participants, and final numbers can be confirmed a week before the event.

Setting Candles Free: Taking Them Home

Your newly minted candles need a bit of time to set – around 1-2 hours. If you're in a 60-90-minute class, we'll give you a cardboard tray for the semi-set candles to travel home with you on the same day. Or bring your own box. If that doesn't work, shipping is on the table for a small fee.

So, there you have it – Blaze & Foam's private workshops are your ticket to creativity, enjoyment, and memories that'll last a lifetime! Get ready to dive in and create something truly remarkable.