Blaze & Foam

Wick Stickums


Say Goodbye to Messy Candle Making with Stickums! 

Tired of the sticky situation with your candle-making projects? Look no further! Stickums are here to save the day and make your candle-making journey a breeze.

Why Stickums Are Your New Best Friend:

No Mess Wick Attachment: Easily attach your wick to the bottom of your glass or container without the mess and hassle of traditional glues.

Convenient Packaging: Each page contains 20 Stickums, and they are available in lots of 100 or 1000, perfect for projects of all sizes.

Skip the Glue Gun: Say farewell to the glue gun, especially for smaller candle-making runs. Stickums make it a breeze!

Two Sizes to Choose From:

  • 150mm Diameter: Ideal for our 15 x 3.8 mm tabs
  • 200mm Diameter: Perfect for our 20mm x 6mm tabs

Get ready to make your candle-making process cleaner, faster, and more efficient with Stickums. No more mess, no more fuss—just smooth sailing towards beautifully crafted candles.

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