Wood Wick Centering Bars


Get ready to make your candle crafting game even smoother with the ultimate helper: Wooden candle centring Bars! These nifty devices are all about keeping your wick centre-stage, where it belongs.

Say goodbye to wick-wandering woes! These wooden bars are like the traffic cops for your wick – they make sure it's right where it should be, front and centre.

How It Works:

Give the wick a VIP entrance through the hole. Voilà – wick centring wizardry in action!

Crafted to Perfection:

They're made from top-notch wood, because only the best will do for your candle craft. They're basically your crafting sidekick!

Specifications Unveiled:

  • Jar Compatibility: These bars are the wick's BFF for jars up to a certain width. No wick left behind!
  • Dimensions: x mm long and x mm wide. TBA

So, whether you're a candle crafting pro or just starting your luminous journey, these Wooden Candle Wick centring Bars are your trusty companions. Keep that wick in check, and let the candle-making magic flow! 


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